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Public Gold Secrets: ConsuMerchant & The Secrets of Bona Fide Money Revealed | Dato' Wira Louis Ng & Dr Naresh & Tn Mohd Zulkifli Shafie #GI
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Jun 15, 2024 - Jun 22, 2024


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: Books & Media  >  Business & Investment
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: KK1111GI
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: Malaysia
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Deskripsi Produk

Kombo 2 buah buku kewangan terbaik oleh pengasas Public Gold dan G100 Network Dealer terbesar di Public Gold. 

1. CONSUMERCHANT - Dato' Wira Louis Ng (founder Public Gold Group)

2. THE SECRETS OF BONA FIDE MONEY REVEALED (Dr Naresh & founder G100 Tuan Mohd Zulkifli Shafie)

Consumerchant - A business model that benefits everyone with no regard to age, gender, education and finances. This business model aims to provide an extraordinary online trading and shopping experience for merchants and consumers, where they can buy and sell at little to no operating cost at all, and yet be rewarded with great legitimate incomes.

The writer believes everyone can live a financially sound life if given the opportunity and with this book, he is sharing the secret to achieving financial stability through our revolutionary sharing economy business model if consumerchant which would change our lives forever.


Chapter 1

Consumerchant: New Economic Business Model

Chapter 2

Consumerchant of E-Commerce Towards Digital Economy

Chapter 3

The Concept of Consumerchant Through The Power of Referral Marketing

Chapter 4

Customer-Driven Business Concepts: Creating Value For Target Customers

Chapter 5

New Drivers of Online Merchants: An International Perspective

Chapter 6

Leveraging Social Media In The Digital Age

Chapter 7

Online Shopping Business Concept

Chapter 8

E-Commerce, Consumerchant And The Digital Economy


Dato’ Wira Louis Ng

The Founder and Executive Chairman of PG Group, is the brains behind the renowned ConsuMerchant sharing economy business model.

Why is gold so valuable? From a historical perspective:

•           One dinar gold coin (4.25 grams of gold) was sufficient to buy a goat 1400 years ago, during the time of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Even today, the same exchange can relatively be achieved between one dinar coin and a goat. The purchasing power of gold was retained for over 1400 years!

•           When his name was black-listed for his involvement in ‘The Free Aceh Movement,’ he had no choice but to flee to Malaysia. His only source of funds was the jewelleries (about 20 grams) that his mother had given before the trip. He was able to restart his new life with the said source of funds.

•           During the Vietnamese War with the United States of America, the locals had to leave their hometowns. They had to convert their assets into gold, known as Kim Thant. They appear in flat sheets, which are easily kept between their clothes. These gold sheets were their ‘money’ to start their life in foreign lands.



These are some perks of gold beyond borders and time zones. They remain valuable irrespective of the situation we might encounter.

This book essentially discusses gold and its benefits in an easy-to-understand format. The nitty-gritty details are not delved further as that is not the intention of this book. Rather the author shares the practical experiences regarding gold savings in the context of wealth accumulation. This book effectively guides those who wish to start their gold savings journey.


Chapter 1 How did I Get Started?
Chapter 2 The Benefits of Gold from Financial Perspective
Chapter 3 Ways on Leveraging Gold
Chapter 4 Investment Strategies
Chapter 5 Choosing the Best Gold
Chapter 6 Gold and Ar-Rahnu
Chapter 7 Begin with the End in Mind

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