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Mizu CVT Fluid Fully Synthetic API Certified Insurance Cover ISO 9001 SGS Automatic Transmission Fluid Toyota Honda (1L)
1 Penilaian
3 Dijual
/ Per Produk


Penghantaran Dari
Kuala Lumpur
Anggaran Penghantaran
Dec 07, 2023 - Dec 14, 2023



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50 Unit lagi
RM 19.5
Gambaran Kedai
Mizu Official Store
21 minutes ago
Produk 30
Pengikut 74
Penilaian 5
Sertai 3 Years Ago
Kadar Pembatalan 0%
Spesifikasi Produk
: Automotive & Motorbike  >  Auto Oils & Fluids  >  Transmission Fluids
: Not Specified
: Not Specified
Dimension (Length x Width x Height)
: 20.00 x 20.00 x 20.00
: 1.6
Manufacturing Country
: Malaysia
Warranty Type
: No Warranty
Warranty Value
: -
Warranty Description
: -
Hantar Dari
: Kuala Lumpur

Deskripsi Produk

ISO Certification & Insurance & API Quality Standards All our product are insured by LOCPAC INSURANCE BERHAD,under product liability coverage up to RM1,000,000.00 on our full range of product. We have to sample each badge of oil for insurance company inspection and follow their strict rule in order to compliance with their guild line. This is our factory commitment and the insurance company trust on our range of product. MIZU engine oil is by American Petroleum Institute(API) (the largest U.S. trade association for the oil and natural gas industry) , which mean MIZU engine oil is recognize by international petroleum industry, with this award MIZU engine is and every material is from is entitleexport to worldwide country. MIZU CVT FLUID (FULLY SYNTHETIC) is a fully synthetic CVT fluid blended with synthetic base stock and premium additives to provide outstanding performance, superior oxidative stability and excellent low temperature fluidity. Suzuki TC/NS-2/CVT Green 1 Chryster: Jeep N2-2 Dodge/Jeep: NS-2/CVTF+4 GM/Saturn: DEX-CVT Ford: CVT23 Shell: Green 1V Mercedes Benz: 236.20 Honda: HCT-2 Perodua Proton Toyota: TC, CVTF FE Nissan: NS-1/NS-2/NS-3 Mitsubishi: CVTF-J1/SPIII  Subaru: ECVT/ICVT  Daihatsu: Ammix CVT Mini Cooper: EZL 799 Hyundai/KIA: SP-III • NOT RECOMMENDED for hybrid CVT unit. Features and Potential Advantages: • Superior Friction Control • Superior Anti-Wear Protection • Superior Oxidation Stability

Penilaian produk
5.0 / 5.0
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