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1Pair Cute Owl Children Kids Chopstick Learning Reusable Portable Toddler Correcting Training Chopstick Beginners Baby
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Gambaran Kedai
Kiddy World
3 days ago
Produk 19
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Spesifikasi Produk
: Kanak-kanak & Bayi  >  Pemakanan Bayi  >  Set Mangkuk, Garpu & Sudu
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: Tidak Terperinci
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: 10.00 x 10.00 x 1.00
: 0.05
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: Kuala Lumpur

Deskripsi Produk

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[🌞1Pair Cute Owl Children Kids Chopstick Learning Reusable Portable Toddler Correcting Training Chopstick Beginners Baby🌞]

Product Highlight: 

✅Size: 3.5cm (L) x 18cm (H)

✅Suitable For 3 years and above

✅High Quality ABS Plastic material body and Silicone Finger Ring, Food grade material, Eco-friendly, Non Toxic, Durable, safe for children to use and play, endure long term and frequent use

✅Premium quality with Ultralight, Portable, exquisite and lovely size, Easy to carry, easy storage, does not occupy much space, Easily fits in a your bag, encourage for on-the-go usage

✅Washable, easy to clean, wash it directly in the warm water or with cleaning fluid, good hygiene

✅Round edges Design, Smooth surface, does not have any sharp edges, without burr, provides Max Protection to children's gentle and delicate skin, eliminate potential injuries, harmless and safe to play with, able to enjoy bathing happily and relaxing

✅Removable and Adjustable two silicone rings, soft and won't hurt baby's hands, Super elastic, Resilient, remains flexible even after multiple usage, easy to adjust forefinger and middle finger, able to remove it easily for washing purpose

✅User friendly, can be used on your thumb,index finger and middle finger, The bud on the bottom of the chopsticks 

    increases the friction surface and makes it easy to grip food

✅Anti Skid Chopstick Head, increase adhesion and reduce slippage, provide optimum support to increase friction, 

     avoid any accidental slipping, increase children's confidence, encourage and motivate children to use chopsticks 


✅Insert your index finger and middle finger into the two rings and thumb into another chopstick ring for correct 

      holding posture, provide a good grip

✅Can be used for left-handed person or right-handed person, suitable for everyone

✅Interesting and Colourful design able to catch children eyes and increase their interest in eating, babies will be so 

      captured by the cute owl design, add an element of fun to the dining experience, attracting children’s attention and 

      enjoy your meal time

✅Suitable for baby, designed to help kids beginners to learn how to use chopsticks and master the technique properly 

      easily and quickly, enable children to learn eating their own food quickly by using chopsticks

✅Promote the flexible development of young children's muscles, Improve children's dexterity, able to train children's 

      hand-eye coordination, fingers grasping and fine motor skills

✅Train children’s vision tracking skills, sensory processing skills, emotions, parent-child communication and social 

      interaction skills, fostering cooperative awareness

✅Increase children's ability to concentrate on one activity when presented as a tranquil and repetitive activity

✅Enhances the ability of visual recognition and children's understanding of the integrity of things

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