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Etblisse Organic Quick Oat Flakes (500g)
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Penghantaran Dari
Anggaran Penghantaran
Jul 23, 2024 - Jul 30, 2024


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18 Unit lagi
RM 10.95
Gambaran Kedai
4 days ago
Produk 494
Pengikut 27
Penilaian 5
Sertai 6 Years Ago
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Spesifikasi Produk
: Groceries & Pets  >  Cereal & Confectionery  >  Oatmeals
: Etblisse
: Not Specified
: TPCPG0226
Dimension (Length x Width x Height)
: 15.00 x 20.00 x 20.00
: 1.2
Manufacturing Country
: Malaysia
Warranty Type
: No Warranty
Warranty Value
: -
Warranty Description
: -
Hantar Dari
: Johor

Deskripsi Produk

Etblisse Organic Quick Oat Flakes (500g)Growing in pristine nature with vast amount of sunlight and clean waters, Finnish large and beautiful oat grains are a versatile health gem. Finnish Oats are distinguished from other cereal grains for their higher content of plant protein, fibre, B-complex vitamins and micronutrients, fulfilling one’s daily needs. 芬兰燕麦生长在阳光及降水充裕的环境,颗粒大而饱满,是一个具有多功能性的健康宝石。 比起其他谷物,芬兰燕麦含有更高含量的植物性蛋白质、纤维质、维生素B群以及微量元素,充分满足人体需求。 Why did we choose Finnish oats? Finland is one of the world's largest producers and exporters of oats. Finland air is the third cleanest in the world. Finland has the richest water source worldwide. Finland's tap water ranks among the best in the world. Finland has Europe's lowest rate of pesticide residues in its raw materials and foodstuffs. Etblisse Organic Quick Oat Flakes are made from carefully selected whole oat kernels from the field, after which they are steamed, flattened and flaked to permit better digestion and absorption. Wake up to a bowl of heart-warming Organic Quick Oat Flakes to kickstart a healthy day! One serving of Quick Oat Flakes provides 1.6g beta-glucan. Three grams a day of oat beta-glucan helps to: Lower or reduce blood cholesterol Lower the rise of blood glucose 为何我们会选择芬兰燕麦? 芬兰为世界上最大的燕麦生产及出口国之一。 芬兰于全球空气质量排名第三。 芬兰为全球水资源最丰富的国家。 芬兰的自来水质是全球排名第一。 芬兰的原料和食品中的农药残留率是欧洲最低的。 Etblisse有机即食燕麦片严选自田园完整燕麦籽粒,再将之蒸熟、辗平、切片,有助于消化吸收。晨醒后享用一碗暖心的有机即食燕麦片,让身体享受真正健康原始的美味! 每份即食燕麦片可提供1.6克Beta-葡聚糖。每日摄取3克燕麦Beta-葡聚糖有助于: 降低或减少血中胆固醇水平 降低血糖升高值 Product Features / 产品卖点 12% Higher in Beta-Glucan Compared to Regular Oats 比普通燕麦高于12% 的Beta-葡聚糖 A Rich Delicacy for Soothing Your Body & Soul 丰富的口感,舒缓身体和灵魂 Ready in 2 Minutes 2分钟轻松搞定 One Serving Provides 1.6g Oat Beta-Glucan 每份可提供1.6克燕麦Beta-葡聚糖 Low in Saturated Fat 低饱和脂肪 Naturally Sodium Free 天然零钠质 No Added Sugar 无添加糖份 Ingredient / 成份 100% Organic Oats (Certified Organic by Evira) 100% 有机燕麦(Evira有机认证) Target Group / 对象群 3H group (high blood cholesterol, high blood pressure, high blood glucose) 3高族群(高胆固醇、高血压、高血糖) Unbalanced diet 饮食不均衡者 Constipation 便秘患者 Abdominal obesity 腹部肥胖者 Preparation Method / 冲调方式 Mix 3 tablespoons Oat Flakes into 200ml hot water or plant-based milk, stir well and serve. It can also be made into oatmeal, porridge, muesli or used as an ingredient in bread, cookies or energy bar recipes. 将3汤匙即食燕麦片加入200毫升热水或植物奶里,搅均即可享用。也可制成麦片、粥、穆兹利、或作为面包、饼干或能量棒食谱的材料。 Storage Method / 存放方式 Store in a cool, dry place, away from heat and direct sunlight. Use within 30 days after opening. 请存放在阴凉及干燥处。避免热与阳光直接照射。开封后请于30天内食用完毕。

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