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As Seen On TV plastic pineapple fruit easy slicer corer /cutter /peeler /remover /skinner /knife

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Product Specification

: Kitchen & Dining  >  Kitchen Tools  >  Fruit & Vegetable Tools
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Dimension (Length x Width x Height)
: 1.00 x 1.00 x 1.00
: 0.50
Manufacturing Country
: China
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: No Warranty
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: -
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: Selangor

Product Description

How do you benefit from it?

It makes your life easier because:

  • Children can cut open pineapple themselves safely. Using a knife is definitely not safe for small kids. Using this entirely plastic made tool instead is much safer.
  • You can cut out pineapple flesh quickly. Chubeestore pineapple corer slicer is very convenient and you can cut pineapple real fast compared to using a knife. Pineapple is cylindrical in shape and requires multiple cut if using regular straight knife.
  • You can use this tool easily without any skills needed. You only have to turn the handle until it goes all the way down and the flesh will cut open accordingly. Anyone can use this tool especially those who find it difficult to cut open pineapple using a regular knife.
  • You can save time and energy with this corer + slicer. This tool combines the function of a corer and a slicer. It get rids of the hard pineapple core and slices the pineapple into round spiral shape ready to be served at the same time. It extracts the flesh from the outer shell too which adds another function to it similar to a peeler.
  • Children and ladies can use it without needing much force. Certain other tools require much force to push it all the way down in order to cut open a pineapple. For this model of pineapple corer slicer, it requires you to turn the handle instead, needing only little force to cut the flesh bit by bit.
  • You can serve the pineapple with fine looking appearance. This kitchenware slices the pineapple into perfect spiral shape which is very presentable to be served at home or in a restaurant. It is also presentable to be served with drinks or as desserts. 

As Seen On TV plastic pineapple fruit easy slicer corer /cutter /peeler /remover /skinner /knife – product description

Being sweet and sour, pineapple is delicious and healthy but let’s face it, cutting a pineapple is way too cumbersome compared to cutting other fruits. It takes significantly more time and patience to get rid of the uneven outer shell, and the hard and gritty core. Things are much more complicated if you intend to cut pineapple in round shape because it makes removing the core much more difficult since it is hidden within the ring. As a result, some people might be resorted to canned pineapple instead, but the real taste of a fresh pineapple is incomparable to a canned fruit. Fresh pineapple tastes way better and canned fruit is simply too sweet and acidic, not recommended if your purpose of eating fruit is for a healthy diet.

Then what? You might ask. This is the time when a creative kitchenware like a pineapple corer slicer kicks in and saves your lives. As Seen On TV pineapple easy slicer is specially invented for the sole purpose of cutting pineapple in a complete and easy manner. It combines the functions of a corer and a slicer by removing the core and slicing a pineapple into round slices at the same time. It also separates the flesh from the outer shell which this function is pretty much similar to a peeler. Indeed, this tool helps you do the above 3 jobs at the same time!



Plastic-pineapple-corer-slicer-description3Using this tool is really simple. As usual, you need to remove the huge leafy part of the pineapple first before using this. After cutting open the top part, simply position the tool by holding it straight on top of a pineapple and start turning the handle. The handle has two roles here: to facilitate the turning action and as a grabbing point when pulling out the flesh. While turning and moving all the way to the bottom, the teeth will cut and separate the core, and the blade will slice the pineapple in the process. When you reach the bottom, pull out the entire thing by holding the handle. Finally, press the button on the handle to remove the handle, and turn the tool upside down to pour out the pineapple flesh into a bowl. The outer shell might have some flesh left and it can be used as a container for food such as fried rice to add subtle pineapple-flavored smell to cooked food. 



The pineapple cut out using this tool is in round spiral shape. If you need to further slice it into many small pieces, consider using a fruit corer slicer here on Chubeestore:

As Seen On TV plastic pineapple fruit easy slicer corer /cutter /peeler /remover /skinner /knife – product comparison

There are a few models of corer in the market. Below sums up the differences between each model:

This corer only removes the core. It neither removes the outer shell nor slices the pineapple.


Plastic-pineapple-corer-slicer-comparisonThis corer removes the core as well as the outer shell. It cuts a pineapple in vertical motion and the resulting flesh is cylindrical which requires you to slices it into thin slices using a knife.


As Seen On TV pineapple corer slicer from Chubeestore gets rid of the outer shell, removes the core and slices the pineapple all at the same time. It cuts a pineapple both in vertical and horizontal motion. 

How to use As Seen On TV plastic pineapple fruit easy slicer corer /cutter /peeler /remover /skinner /knife

How does pineapple corer slicer works? It’s simple. Only 5 steps involved:

  1. Cut off the top bulky leafy part of a pineapple to prepare it.
  2. Starting from the opening made on top, spin the handle in circular motion to cut the pineapple all the way to the bottom.
  3. Holding tight on the handle, pull out the flesh.
  4. Remove the handle by pressing the button on it and pull it out.
  5. Turn the tool upside down to pour out the flesh and enjoy the delicious fruit! The outer shell with some remaining flesh can also serve as a container for cooked food such as fried rice. 



Product Review


- / 5.0

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