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【Ready Stock】Pure Copper Bagua Dragon Turtle Decoration
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Jul 13, 2024 - Jul 20, 2024



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Spesifikasi Produk
: Home & Lifestyle  >  Home Deco  >  Others
: VB Crystal
: Pure Copper Bagua Dragon Turtle Decoration
: 2089N1
Dimension (Length x Width x Height)
: 20.00 x 16.00 x 18.00
: 1.152
Manufacturing Country
: Taiwan
Warranty Type
: No Warranty
Warranty Value
: -
Warranty Description
: -
Hantar Dari
: Selangor

Deskripsi Produk

#龙龟, also known as &赑屃, Baxia, is a kind of auspicious beast recorded in ancient Chinese books. It is said to be one of the "Nine Sons of the Dragon" (the ninth son). The head is a dragon, and as a tortoise, it is pure The beast of the yang can ward off evil spirits, control evil, dispel evil, relieve evil, town houses, attract wealth, and gather wealth. It is a symbol of power and longevity.

Dragon tortoise, a kind of auspicious beast, can change the right and wrong of the villain, increase the luck and popularity of the nobles, can also change the evil spirits, fight the three evil spirits, and most importantly can increase wealth. Therefore, the traditional Chinese Five Techniques of Feng Shui have always used the "dragon tortoise" as the holy product of Feng Shui. The dragon tortoise is placed in the home and has the effect of making a home, a town house, avoiding evil, and protecting safety.

The dragon tortoise is known as the big tortoise of the gods, which means to protect the world from evil and reduce harm. In addition to its power to subdue Tai Sui, Sui break and all kinds of tangible evil spirits, it can also be widely used for "right wealth". In terms of transforming evil spirits, dragon tortoises have both the mighty and strong of dragons and the patience of tortoises. They are the best items for evil spirits. At the same time, the dragon tortoise can also add a blessing to the qi, which plays an important role in the family.

Dragon tortoise effect

        1. Mother and child dragon turtles: generally carry a small turtle on their backs, which is the feng shui function of inviting wealth, helping wealth, and promoting wealth in the house.

        2. Money Dragon Turtle: Generally, the money turtle is carried on its back, which can resolve disadvantages and strengthen the Feng Shui function of Wang Rending.

        3. Dragon Tortoise of Yuanbao: Generally, carrying Yuanbao or stepping on Yuanbao coins strengthens the feng shui function of attracting wealth.

  4. Ruyi Dragon Tortoise: It strengthens the feng shui function of success and good luck, especially for career and marriage.

   5. Bagua Dragon Turtle: Strengthen the Feng Shui functions of the town house, disaster relief, and evil spirits.

        6. Money Gossip Dragon Tortoise: Feng Shui function of gathering wealth, receiving wealth, and keeping wealth.

  7, Sanyuan and Dilonggui: Strengthen the Feng Shui function of Li Wenli Kao, and play an important role for those who need exams.

   8. Wenchang Pagoda Dragon Tortoise: It has strengthened the function of Liwen Ligui, and is of great feng shui significance for students, scholars, professionals, etc. for academic and career promotion.  

How to place dragon tortoises on feng shui ornaments

  Dragon tortoise can promote wealth when placed in the position of wealth, and it is most effective when placed in the position of three evils or in places with heavier moisture. Feng Shui says: "Send fast, fight against three evils." The feng shui level of heavy water and air is dominant in the right and wrong tongues, and the dragon tortoise can melt tongue and strengthen the popularity. The dragon has nine sons, and the dragon tortoise is a son of the dragon. Dragon tortoise is also a long-term use in Fengshui, and its main function is to transform houses and pray for blessings. The dragon tortoise is a symbol of patience, weight bearing, longevity, and authority. Among many auspicious things, this beast is one of the most auspicious. There are four auspicious spirits in Fengshui. These four auspicious spirits refer to dragons, phoenixes, unicorns, and tortoises. Dragon tortoise is a combination of dragon and tortoise, so it is more spiritual. The method of use is generally placed on the desk in the bedroom and office of the elderly, especially if the work is not going well, the villain is squeezed out by the villain or the boss is not pleased, choose the time and place a dragon on the desk. The tortoise will be appreciated by the nobles and bosses, and the work will go smoothly. In addition to placing it in the company, it is also placed in the guest courtyard at home, which can complement each other and play a greater role.

  Usage: Please place the dragon tortoise in the selected location for the town house for wealth.

   Placement: Turn the dragon turtle's shell back toward the evil side, and place it on the balcony or cabinet, on the ground, on the window, or on the table, with the dragon turtle head facing the home.

   Note: Dragon tortoises can be placed in financial positions, partial financial positions, and literary positions. Please do not install dragon tortoises in the toilet or against the toilet door.

   Tortoises can absorb the aura of heaven, earth, mountains and rivers, so they live a long life. Therefore, it is appropriate to place turtle-shaped decorations in the bedroom of the elderly to symbolize health and longevity, but it should be noted that the head of the tortoise must face out of the window.

   If you want to use the dragon tortoise to attract wealth, you can simply face the door and the window to absorb the wealth into the house like Pai Yao. Dragon tortoises are generally placed at the back of the house and serve as a town house. Dragon tortoises also have the function of gathering vitality, which can be very popular.

If the dragon tortoise has not been consecrated, please ask the palace mage or teacher to consecrate the eye. If you can’t find the consecration, you should bring it to the Dajianyang Temple at least regularly (every three months or half a year). The name, address and the purpose of the item are then passed through the incense for three times, and it is performed every three months or half a year. However, the effectiveness of the traditional Taoist consecration ceremony is different from that of the incense!

Place the consecrated dragon tortoise in the east or southwest of the home to promote wealth and luck. The faucet draws water (water accepts wealth), and the dragon will send out when it meets water. Therefore, there is dew near the window. The dragon tortoise can be placed near the window in the living room or placed in the living room. The financial position can be added with a water cup or a fish tank can also be placed next to the fish tank, or placed next to the window (on the table or on the cabinet) to promote wealth and fortune.






        2、金钱龙龟: 一般背负金钱龟,可以化解不利,强化了旺人丁的风水功用。
















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