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220ML Nano Mist Spray Air Humidifier With Oil diffuser Air Purifier Aromatherapy
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RM 9.8
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Cozy Shop
4 months ago
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Spesifikasi Produk
: Kecantikan & Kesihatan  >  Penjagaan Wanita  >  Pantyliner
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: Tidak Terperinci
Dimensi (Panjang x Lebar x tinggi)
: 10.00 x 10.00 x 12.00
: 0.24
Negara Pembuatan
: China
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: No Warranty
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: -
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: -
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: Selangor

Deskripsi Produk
- Non-rechargeable: Can be use on any where, powered by any devices with USB port
- Super quiet: It adopts ultrasonic technology and runs quietly. It would not be disruptive while you sleep.
- 220ML moderate capacity
- Moisturizing.
- Safety auto off when water ran out
- Mini size, lightweight and compact, easy to carry
- Romantic colorful soothing nightlight.
- Multi-use: Portable for home, yoga, car, office, spa, bedroom, etc.

How to use:
1. Pour filter water in humidifier and wait for 30mins
2. For first time use, please take out the cotton swab and make it soaked in water for about 1-2 minutes. 
3. Add appropriate amount water(drinking water/filter water). 
4. Plug in the USB cable
5. Drop 5 - 10 drops of aroma / air purifier solution in, if u have Ag+ filter please put in water tank as well.
6. Long push button to turn on the light
7. Short push once (1st time) for continues mist mode
8. Short push once (2nd time) for intermittent mode (mist spray 5 sec stop 3 sec) 
9. Short push once (3rd time) to turn off the humidifier.

How to remove / wash / exchange cotton filter:
1. Turn off the humidifier, turn the cover anti clockwise gently to remove the cover.
2. Gently pull down the filter cover, it might be difficult in the 1st time.
3. Please beware and do not lost the small spring attached under the cotton filter in the filter cover.
3. a. To wash the filter, please rinse the filter and soak in water for 3 hrs
    b. To exchange the filter, kindly take out old filter and replace with new one.

1. Don't make the humidifier lost balance, or the water will spill over. 
2. Recommend that clean the humidifier after each use to avoid fogging. Empty the water and gently wipe the water tank to dry. 
3. Do not wash the device directly under the water tap
4. Before using for the first time, please put the cotton swab into the water for 1-2 minutes to make the water fully penetrate it.
5. Please use mineral water. The pure water is not recommended
6. Do not touch the metal pieces at the mist's mouth.
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