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AG Touché Organic Baby Sanitizer (350ml)
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1900 Unit lagi
RM 1900
Gambaran Kedai
Your Newborn
On Vacation
Produk 388
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Sertai 3 Tahun yang lalu
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Spesifikasi Produk
: Kanak-kanak & Bayi  >  Keselamatan & Kesihatan  >  Kit Penjagaan & Penjagaan Kesihatan
: Tidak Terperinci
: Tidak Terperinci
: 83102625-04-27
Dimensi (Panjang x Lebar x tinggi)
: 10.00 x 10.00 x 10.00
: 0.35
Negara Pembuatan
: Tidak Terperinci
Jenis Warranti
: No Warranty
Nilai Warranti
: -
Deskripsi Warranti
: -
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Deskripsi Produk
Production Date: 2020 08 20 BEST BEFORE 36 MONTHS FROM PRODUCTION * Please read carefully the Production Date and Expiry Date. * We are NOT RESPONSIBLE for any DAMAGED caused by online delivery courier service such as packaging defected. * Seller Information Exchange/Return policy: i) Notify us within one week of receiving your order. ii) Ship back within one week of Return Approved. iii) Products can only be returned if INCORRECT or DAMAGED or DELAYED. iv) Exchange will be made upon receipt of the original product (merchandise tag still intact), subject to stock availability. If no stock is available, refund will be provided. v) Return shipping cost (if any) will be reimbursed to you once we have confirmed product is indeed INCORRECT or DAMAGED. * All goods sold and delivered are NON-REFUNDABLE, RETURNABLE, EXCHANGABLE. * Order/ purchase product if only you are agree with the statements stated as above. * 请查阅生产日期与有效期限。 * 部分的促销商品都是以市面上最低价格出售,一些促销商品的有效使用期剩下3-6个月或12个月不等。(包括免费的商品) * 快递过程中所造成商品损坏(例:盒子破损),本公司一概不负责。 * 退换商品须知: i) 签收商品后7日内联系我们。 ii) 一旦批准退换,请在7日内将商品寄还。 iii) 本公司只受理: 寄出商品与下单不符,商品损坏或收货时间严重延迟。 iv) 任何商品退换都需附上正本收据且确保商品未经开封。如该商品缺货,我们将会以退款方式处理。 v) 买家需支付退换商品的邮费。 * 不符合以上“退换商品须知”所列出的条件的已出售商品一概不可退款,不可退还,不可替换。 * 一旦订购/购买商品表示已同意上述声明。 An organic ingredient cleanser that cleans and kills germs on the hands, skin and most surfaces, including inside feeding bottles and on pacifier toys , furniture etc . And helps baby free from skin 's irritation. Paraben Free and Alcohal Free Plant Based , Anti-bacterial Safe if swallowed Safely used on face and baby ( New Born ) Extra Concentrated Free from irritation Direction to use : Use neat , do not dilute. Ensure that enough Organic Baby Sanitizer is sprayed to cover the pre-cleaned surface area of the skins or any other surface being cleaned. AG Touche 's article : When it comes to your little one , organic skincare isn't just another buzzword. Because baby's skin is 20-30% thinner than adult's , more delicate and more permeable , anything you put on it is absorbed more rapidly into the bloodstream, including chemicals and toxins. Fortunately , we make sure AG Touche are all natural and certified organic ingredients contained GRAS listed by the United State FDA , highly food grade and free of all harmful chemicals , additives and toxic materials , making them safe and gentle for baby.
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