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【Ready Stock】Natural White Crystal Column Decoration
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Jul 17, 2024 - Jul 24, 2024



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Spesifikasi Produk
: Home & Lifestyle  >  Home Deco  >  Others
: VB Crystal
: Natural White Crystal Column Decoration
Dimension (Length x Width x Height)
: 15.00 x 15.00 x 10.00
: 0.45
Manufacturing Country
: Brazil
Warranty Type
: No Warranty
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: -
Warranty Description
: -
Hantar Dari
: Selangor

Deskripsi Produk

All white water columns are selected according to one picture and one object

Introduction to White Crystal

Rock Crystal-the king of crystal

Crystal system: hexagonal crystal system

Hardness: 7

Specific gravity: 2, 60 Refractive index: 1, 54-1, 55

Place of Origin: Brazil, Africa, the United States, China

White crystal is one of the seven treasures of Buddhism, also known as "Mani Orb". White crystal has the widest distribution, the largest number, and the most widely used in the entire crystal family, and is known as the "King of Crystals". Generally speaking, there are many types of white crystals in natural rows, including the most common block, hexagonal column, columnar white crystal clusters, backbone formed by overlapping growth, and so on.

The effect of white crystal

White crystal has the function of focusing, concentrating, and expanding memory. It is a synthesis of all energy and is called the king of crystals. It can protect the house, ward off evil spirits, block evil spirits, purify the whole body, remove sickness, promote good luck, provide for the Buddha's spiritual cultivation, and a hundred fortune. White crystal provides spiritual power, which is of great help to the development of spiritual power and spirituality. It is said that memory and concentration are increased. In fact, the white crystal makes the spirit and spiritual power oppose the material world, and thus helps to concentrate the mind without being blinded by external objects.

1. Improve work efficiency. The energy of the white crystal can make the individual's mind clear and refreshing. If the white crystal column is placed near the desk or the desk, it can help improve work efficiency. Using white crystals for meditation, or wearing white crystals often, will strengthen the source of personal inspiration and make your mind more agile.

2. Reduce electromagnetic radiation. Placing small crystal clusters on or around electrical appliances such as computers, televisions, microwave ovens, etc. can reduce the amount of radiation and protect the human body from too much electromagnetic interference.

3. Anti villain. On the desks and office desks, place the crystal balls and crystal pillars in accordance with the principle of "round left and right" or "round front and rear". On the one hand, it can prevent villains from harassment, and on the other hand, it can also make you live in the world. More mellow. Wearing pure white crystals can prevent villains from causing trouble while blocking the brakes. It will provide a magnetic field that calms your mind and stimulates your potential, allowing you to maintain your best condition to deal with all the things around you at any time.

4. Help build prestige. Placing the white crystal cluster on the right rear of the supervisor will help establish prestige, and the subordinates will not dare to delay or perfunctory the implementation of their orders.

5. Make money and prosper. Placing the white crystal cluster on the side of the financial position can make the vitality vigorous and help make money and prosper.

6. Resolve the evil spirits. For indoor and outdoor rushing evil, you can put a crystal ball or crystal column on the opposite place, which can effectively resolve the rushing evil.

7. Block the brakes. When you carry the white crystal with you, its magnetic field will help you block some undesirable magnetic field attacks, which is what we commonly call the brake. 8. Improve memory. White crystal will produce a continuous and stable shaking soup in the light, so it has the function of making people's mind clear, enhancing memory and understanding. White crystal is suitable for students to improve memory and comprehension. It is also suitable for people who need to keep a clear mind at all times.

8. Gather your mind. It is easy to get upset when meditating, and friends with soaring consciousness can hold the crystal ball in their hands, close to the pubic area of ​​the lower abdomen, which helps to gather the mind and concentrate. It is the best choice for concentration and spiritual consciousness.

9. Balance energy in the body. White crystal is among all crystal types, its magnetic field energy is the most stable and purest, and it is also a composite of all color energy, and it is the best choice for balancing energy in the body.

10. Improve the aura to stimulate the potential. White crystal has its pure energy, which can effectively improve the aura of freedom, stimulate potential, nourish the body and adjust the qi, and make it more peaceful.

11. The town house ward off evil spirits. White crystal can make the soul peaceful, harmonious and pure, purify the negative energy of the surroundings and the human body, and bring good luck. White crystal has the function of town house, town shop, and evil spirits. The legend is even more magical. In foreign gods and witches, crystals can keep Yin Qi from approaching, so it has the function of town house, town shop, and evil spirits.

How to use white crystal

1. Wear it with you. The chest pendant made of white crystal has balanced energy and can best play the function of [Safety Protection]. It is best to be [Amulet] and [Safety Symbol].

2. Lift the crystal pillar to the forehead to meditate. It can expand the energy of consciousness and project it out for prayers and wishes with the best effect.

3. Use the white crystal column to display the seven-star array. You can do all kinds of visualizations, and the effect is the most magnificent.

4. For a slight outdoor corner impact, you can place crystal beads or crystal pillars on the opposite place, which can effectively resolve the impact.

5. For the hedging between the indoor door and the door, you can also put a crystal ball on the [moving line], which can also effectively resolve the rush.

6. Put the white crystal on the desk. Help children strengthen concentration and memory, thereby improving academic performance.

The use of white crystal prohibition

However, it should be avoided near the bed, otherwise there will be a tendency to insomnia.

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