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【Ready Stock】Natural Crystal Pendulum Divination Set
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Jul 13, 2024 - Jul 20, 2024



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: Women's Fashion  >  Women Fashion Jewellery  >  Fine Jewellery
: VB Crystal
: Natural Crystal Pendulum Divination Set
Dimension (Length x Width x Height)
: 10.00 x 10.00 x 5.00
: 0.1
Manufacturing Country
: Taiwan
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: No Warranty
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: Selangor

Deskripsi Produk

1. What is a pendulum?

The pendulum is known as the most direct tool for divination. Communication and divination are based on the same conditions as the earth's magnetic field, human body magnetic field, and the pendulum magnetic field. In fact, it is the performance of the second character & subconsciousness of human beings.

2. The appearance of the pendulum

The appearance of the pendulum is not always certain. For novices, the shape of the pendulum should generally be a standard pendulum such as a rhombus column and a hexagonal prism. Of course, for people with long contact time and strong spiritual power, the shape of the pendulum is not fixed. But if you want accurate divination results, the shape of the pendulum must be symmetrical.

Note: Don't just take a round bead and use it as a pendulum.

3. The material of the pendulum

In the world of pendulums, pendulum masters usually use crystal and metal as pendulums. But the crystal pendulum is more versatile. Why use crystal as a pendulum? First of all, declare: Not only can you use crystals and metals to make a pendulum, you can use something you have carried around for many years as a pendulum. Such as: cross, jade pendant and so on. If the spiritual power is strong, everything can be used as a pendulum, ranging from a water bottle to a needle and a hair. Of course, the spiritual power needs to be strong enough. But there are not many geniuses, so hard work is needed. Back to why the crystal pendulum is used. 1 The crystal is collected from the mine, and the magnetic field is strong enough to fit people. 2 Crystal is very spiritual and suitable for getting along with people. 3 Crystal has the ability to remember, so they will not, just abandon their master and go with others. 4 Under certain circumstances, if the owner is in danger, the crystal pendulum will sacrifice itself to protect the owner. So in the choice of the pendulum, the crystal pendulum should be the best. About the metal pendulum is also available for us to choose. Metal sling pendulums are mostly used abroad, with fine materials, but they are expensive. Some will even be plated with gold and silver. Of course, its style is good-looking, but its spirituality is not strong.

4. The color of the pendulum and how to choose the pendulum

Because the pendulum is mostly crystal, we only talk about the crystal pendulum.

There are many colors of crystal pendulum, the common ones are:

Black: black tourmaline, obsidian. (Function: warding off evil spirits)

Yellow: Citrine (Lucky) Citrine selection Note: The more the citrine is towards orange, the better.

Powder: Powder crystal (Peach Blossom Yun) will have a kind of powder crystal called ice crushed powder crystal, that is, there are ice crystals in the crystal. The price is about the same as the powder crystal.

White: White crystal White crystal is the most common novice crystal. White crystal has a soft personality and is suitable for getting along with others. The effect has the effect of meditation.

Tea: smoky quartz crystal is also the most novice crystal

Blue: Blue sandstone spirit pendulum Blue sandstone spirit pendulum is classified as crystal, but it is actually synthetic crystal. But it is very beautiful, like a sky full of stars.

Purple: Amethyst (mysterious, enhance spiritual power) Amethyst is not suitable for novices, amethyst is proud.

Gold: Golden Sands and Stone Pendulum

Red: Garnet Pendulum

Green: Phantom Crystal Pendulum

Other: Divergent Crystal

How to choose a newbie

1. Novices should choose white crystal, tea crystal is the first choice

2. Look at the feeling, find the eye margin. If you want to choose a novice pendulum, then say "love at first sight". If you are interested in a certain crystal, don't hesitate to buy it.

3. How to see the quality of the crystal: the more transparent the better. For example, crystals below 100 yuan must have impurities, that is, flocs. This is a normal phenomenon of natural crystals.

Note: The most important thing is that the outer surface of the crystal should not be chipped or damaged. Pay special attention to the tip of the lower end of the crystal, where the energy of the crystal accumulates, which will affect the accuracy of the pendulum.

Note: It is best not to put the crystal spirit in a place away from yourself when you sleep, as it will absorb the spiritual power of the human body and affect sleep.

4. The choice of the pendulum chain

Pendulum chain is an indispensable accessory in pendulum divination. The choice of the pendulum chain is not very strict. Ordinary pendulum chains are: silver chain, thin hemp rope, soft rope, and metal chain. Soft ropes and metal chains (regular pendulum chains) are most suitable.

5. Regarding the difference between the edging of the ling pendulum and the unfolding

In fact, it is not important, the emphasis is on self-selection, but please pay attention.

Bound Pendulum: The metal of the clad is easy to rust, but it will not leave the pendulum (the silver cover does not rust)

Purification and degaussing

1 What is purification and degaussing or charging

The pendulum, whether it is metal or crystal, is affected by the magnetic field. Because of the dust-absorbing and magnetic characteristics of the pendulum before people get the pendulum, too much dirt will accumulate in the pendulum. So you will see that there will be black or gray dust in the pendulum. Then the purification and degaussing is to help the Lingpen to remove the stolen goods in order to better communicate and divination. Affirm: Purification, degaussing and charging is a concept, and they are all bad things in the spirit pendulum.

2 How to purify and degauss?

There are many degaussing methods, so you should choose the method that suits your crystal best.

1} Flowing water degaussing: It's very simple, place the spirit in flowing water (continuously flowing water) to rinse. Rinse for 3 to 5 minutes to take it back and wipe it dry. The effect is very good. (Will not erase the crystal memory)

2} Soaking and degaussing: Put the spirit in clean water, soak for 2 to 3 hours, and then take it out. (Will not erase the crystal memory)

3} Degaussing of the crystal cluster: Place the crystal spirit on the crystal cluster overnight to degauss it.

4} Incense degaussing: Use a stick of sandalwood or agarwood (do not use floral fragrance). Lit the same spirit pendulum in a closed space, and take it out when the incense sticks are burned out.

5}Buddha sound degaussing: Play Buddha sound or recite Buddhist scriptures, such as "Great Compassion Mantra", to degauss.

How to use and start the pendulum

1 Why start the pendulum?

Before Ling shook his hand, it was all in a static state. If you want to communicate with the pendulum and use divination, you must activate the pendulum. The activation of the pendulum varies from person to person, some are fast and some are slow. If you start him in a commanding tone the first time you start, then he will be expected to take care of you in the future. The activation of the pendulum is the starting point of magnetic exchange between humans and the pendulum.

2 How to use the Pendulum Chain?

To activate the pendulum, you must know how to hold the pendulum. If the method is improperly held, it will cause the arm muscles to tremble and affect its direction.

Example: Use a standard pendulum chain (15cm&20cm)

Wrap the chain of the pendulum around the index finger one or two times, passing through the gap between the index finger and the middle finger, and the pendulum hangs down from it, perpendicular to the tabletop. About 2—3cm away from the desktop. Because the triangle structure is the most stable, the right hand holds the pendulum, the left elbow is bent on the table, and the left hand holds the right hand to control the shaking of the right hand. Don't be too tensed or relaxed, try not to shake.

3 How to distinguish whether the spirit pendulum is swinging naturally?

When the pendulum swings naturally, there will be a certain gravity and a certain directionality.

1} The direction of the pendulum does not matter where it swings. The swing amplitude is always perpendicular to the ground.

2} Our hands feel when the pendulum swings. If it feels like the pendulum is pulling your hand with strength, and there is a sense of traction, it means that the pendulum itself is swinging. If you don't feel it, your hands are shaking. This is the case of the Spirit Pendulum swinging slightly.

3} To distinguish whether the pendulum is swinging naturally when the pendulum is swinging in a large circle, you can ask the pendulum to swing larger or faster. If the pendulum is swinging larger or faster, the pendulum is swinging naturally.

4 How to start the pendulum?

There are three steps in the activation of the Pendulum.

1} As mentioned in question 2 above, hold the pendulum so that it hangs naturally and wait for it to be completely still.

2} Concentration (requires meditation practice, some people don’t need it if they can concentrate), feel the calmness of the body and mind, and begin to communicate with it after being calm.

3} When communicating for the first time, please use the sentences you can, and you can wait for the guidance. Never speak in a commanding tone.

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