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France Rose Tea 法国玫瑰 1kg【LZ160A】
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Shun Tai
3 months ago
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Product Specification
: Groceries & Pets  >  Beverage  >  Tea
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Dimension (Length x Width x Height)
: 31.00 x 1.50 x 46.00
: 1
Manufacturing Country
: China
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: No Warranty
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: -
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: Pulau Pinang

Product Description


法国玫瑰花茶是一种较为名贵的花茶,因此其营养价值及功效也更多,除此之外用来做成浸泡油是最好不过了 法国玫瑰花茶是指采用产自法国的玫瑰花蕾,经过水蒸汽高温瞬间杀青而成的一种玫瑰花茶。水蒸汽高温瞬间杀青保留其鲜艳外色,高温烘干成就偏黄内色,因此香味十足!这种工艺国内至今没有,国产玫瑰是用木炭或干燥箱烘干,内外同色,且没有香味,品质也无法与法兰西玫瑰相比!内质偏黄也是正宗法国玫瑰的标志之一哦! 法








4. 顺行血气,调理女性生理




French rose tea is a more expensive flower tea, so its nutritional value and efficacy are more, in addition to the use of soaking oil is best. French rose tea is a kind of rose tea made from rose buds from France and instantly smashed by steam. The high temperature of the water vapor instantly kills its bright color, and the high temperature drying achieves a yellowish inner color, so the fragrance is full! This kind of technology has not been made in China yet. The domestic rose is dried with charcoal or drying oven, the same color inside and outside, and there is no fragrance, the quality can not be compared with the French rose! The yellowing of the interior is also one of the symbols of authentic French roses!

The main functions of French rose tea are:

1, beauty 

French rose tea can balance the endocrine system, replenish qi and blood, improve skin problems such as facial acne, pigmentation and chloasma caused by endocrine dysfunction, thus playing a role in beauty and beauty.

2, anti-aging

French rose tea is rich in carotene and is a natural antioxidant that helps the skin to delay aging, improve dryness and harden the skin, and make the skin look more rosy and younger.

3. Relieve emotions, relieve depression, improve sleep

The taste of and anti-depress.French rose tea is elegant and elegant. It can warm the heart and blood of the people, relieve the body's suffocation, and calm, soothe

4. Smooth blood and regulate female physiology

French rose is rich in vitamins A, C, B, E, K and tannic acid, which can improve endocrine disorders, regulate blood gas, promote blood circulation, and regulate female physiological problems.

5. Adjust physical fitness

French rose tea is mild in nature, reduces anger, regulates blood gas, promotes blood circulation, and eliminates fatigue, heals wounds, protects liver and gastrointestinal function, regulates endocrine, helps clear up body toxins, and long-term drinking also helps promote metabolism. . Since rose tea has a strong floral fragrance, the effect of treating bad breath is also very good.

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