Power Honey 500gm

Power Honey 500gm

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Royal Jelly, Propolis, Bee Pupa, Bee Pollen, Bee Venom, Bee Wax and Honey

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Since early times,honey has been recognized as a natural remedy and one of the important ingredients in the field of the medicine. Power honey is combination of 8 bee by product such as royal jelly, propolis, pollen, pupa, bee venom, ginseng honey, honey comb and flower honey. This combination is unique and natural, which make it one of nature's best food sources. In addition, it contributes to a person's overall intake of recommended nutrients in order to maintain good health. The taste is similar to crushed nuts, which in reality is the course hive which have been finely grounded.


- Help human bodies that build up brain cells eject toxins and reduce the chance of cancer.

- Enrich with protein, active minerals and active hormones.


-3 times (Daily)

Suggestion Consumption:

- Day & Night

Consumption Dosage

- Pollen = 1/2 tea spoon

- Honey = 2 tea spoon

- Propolis Drop = 3-5 drop

- Royal Jelly = 1/2 tea spoon

This is NOT Drug. Please consult your doctor if any resistance symptom occurred.

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