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S3 HUANYU 欢鱼 Cat Wet Food Snack Pouch Creamy Treat Pouch | Makanan Basah Snek Ringan Kucing 猫条 80g MIAW Paling Suka

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: HYCodGreen35
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: 11.00 x 17.00 x 1.00
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: Malaysia
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: Selangor

Product Description

Brand HUANYU Applicable stage 3+ months made in China Weight 80g Flavors Salmon + Egg Yolk, Chicken + Pumpkin, Cod + Cranberry 快速补充营养,爱不释口 Quickly replenish nutrition, can't put it down 贴心吸嘴设计,易于猫咪舔舐,还原猫咪舔舐天性 Intimate suction mouth design, easy for cats to lick, restore the cat's licking nature 肉质细腻 精选食材,精心烹制每一步 Delicate meat, carefully selected ingredients, carefully cooked every step 三种口味介绍 Three flavors introduction 三文鱼&蛋黄 Salmon & Egg Yolk 精选三文鱼+蛋黄 Selected salmon + egg yolk 高蛋白+卵磷脂 High protein + lecithin 亮毛美肤,增加皮肤抵抗力 Brighten hair and skin, increase skin resistance 鳕鱼&蔓越莓 Cod & Cranberry 精选鳕鱼+蔓越莓 Selected Cod + Cranberry 高营养、低胆固醇、易于吸收 High nutrition, low cholesterol, easy to absorb 丰富的维生素C、类黄酮素 Rich in vitamin C, flavonoids 鸡肉+南瓜 Chicken + Pumpkin 精选鸡肉+南瓜 Selected chicken + pumpkin 丰富的微量元素,维生素 Rich in trace elements, vitamins 提高猫咪视力 Improve cat eyesight 规格信息 Specification information 口味:三文鱼+蛋黄 Flavor: salmon + egg yolk 规格:80g Specification: 80g 原料:三文鱼、水、蛋黄粉、木薯淀粉、鸡肉水解物 Ingredients: salmon, water, egg yolk powder, tapioca starch, chicken hydrolysate 口味:鸡肉+南瓜 Flavor: Chicken + Pumpkin 规格:80g Specification: 80g 原料:鸡肉、水、南瓜粉、木薯淀粉、鸡肉水解物 Ingredients: chicken, water, pumpkin powder, tapioca starch, chicken hydrolysate 口味:鳕鱼+蔓越莓 Flavor: Cod + Cranberry 规格:80g Specification: 80g 原料:鳕鱼、水、蔓越莓粉、木薯淀粉、鸡肉水解物 Ingredients: cod, water, cranberry powder, tapioca starch, chicken hydrolysate 喂食方法 Feeding method 训练奖励、外出遛弯、搅拌猫粮、增加感情 Training rewards, go out for walks, stir cat food, increase feelings 推荐喂食量 Recommended feeding amount 3-12月 <1袋/天 3-12 months <1 bag/day 12月以上 1-2袋/天 Over 12 months 1-2 bags/day 注意:本产品适用于 3 月龄以上猫咪食用,开封后尽快喂食,喂完食物请及时密封置于0-4 度冷藏,并在 24 小时内喂食完毕。 Note: This product is suitable for cats over 3 months of age. They should be fed as soon as possible after opening. After feeding, please seal the food in a refrigerator at 0-4 degrees and finish feeding within 24 hours. About HUPO Pest Selected We care about cats just like you. Our team members share the same value of producing the best quality product for cats. We work regularly with licensed vets, experienced product designers and graphic designers with UK industry background. Together we aim at pushing our products and service to next level.

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