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Japanese Bath Roman Bath Powder Premium Version - HOT Bath Salts 680g

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Product Specification

: Health & Beauty  >  Bath & Body  >  Aromatherapy
: Not Specified
Dimension (Length x Width x Height)
: 20.00 x 20.00 x 15.00
: 1.20000
Manufacturing Country
: Japan
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: No Warranty
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: Kuala Lumpur

Product Description

This contains 9 kinds of herb and plant extract and keeps you warm longer.

There is a special feeling that the ingredients are blended into premium Bath Roman is.Contains 10 premium plant extracts (moisturizing ingredients). Gently sweats and makes your fingertips and toes dry. The scent of hot herbs. Hot orange hot water (transparent).

Luxury (*) with hot spring ingredients (sodium sulfate, sodium hydrogen carbonate)

Enhance the effect of warm bathing and promote "blood circulation and metabolism".Sweating sweaty, to the tip of the fingertips Pokapoka.It is difficult to bathe by the heat retention effect by the ion bale, and warmth continues.

* Ratio of "Bath Roman Bath Liquid Citrus"

→ The finest texture of hot water that wrapsFor a cold body

Fine scent lasts until the end

Unique aroma-keeping ingredients.The warm scent of hot herbs creates a calm space that you can enjoy until you leave the bath.10 kinds of natural aroma oil combination (fragrance)

* Squalane is the first "aroma-keeping ingredient" in Japan to be added to Bath Products.(Source: Mintel Japan's product database, January 2018, by Earth Corporation)

10 kinds of plant extracts (moisturizing ingredients) carefully selected

Ginger, Cuckon, Yuzu, Capsicum, Garlic, Clove, Burdock, Carrot, Rosemary, Thyme

Skin-friendly natural chamomile extract (moisturizing ingredient)

  • Chlorine removal ingredient combination that softens the feeling of irritating hot water
  • Allergy tested(Not all people are not allergic.)
  • It can also be used when bathing with a baby (more than 3 months old).

Water resistant barrier container

Conducted showering test assuming that it will be stored in the bathroom for 30 days

Eco-friendly container

Uses about 77% recycled pulp (paper part of container body)

【】 Aroma of hot herb【Hot water color】 Hot orange hot water (transparent)

How to Use

Mix with 20 L of this product in the bath water (200 L) while stirring well to dissolve.You can measure with a cap. (20g: 1 scale line / 30g: 1 scale line)

*We recommend using 30g to enjoy the luxurious feeling.

Please open from the corner of the cap. (It is possible from any of four places.)

Usage Notes

Please be aware that the tub and washroom will be slippery.

  • Do not use for uses other than bathing.
  • If skin or physical condition is abnormal, consult with a doctor or pharmacist before use.
  • Discontinue use and consult a doctor or pharmacist if you notice irritation or other abnormalities such as rash, redness, itching, or irritation on the skin during or after use.
  • Discontinue use immediately and consult a doctor or pharmacist if abnormalities such as hives or shortness of breath appear during use. In particular, people with allergies or those who have experienced hypersensitivity symptoms such as rashes with drugs should be used with caution.
  • I can not eat this product. If a large amount is swallowed, take measures such as drinking water.
  • There is no sulfur in the bath and the bath pot in this product.

【Cautions on storage】

  • Keep the cap tightly closed and do not place it in a place where children can reach and where it is hot and humid.

【About the use of remaining hot water】

  • The remaining hot water can be used for washing, but rinse and use soft water for soft finish. Always do not use when washing with freshly worn detergents or when washing with freshly worn clothes. Clothing may be colored.
  • Do not pour remaining hot water on plants, as this may have an impact.

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