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Gesund Daily Orthomolecular 100% Natural cell food 123 Set

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: Gesund Daily
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: 32.60 x 10.00 x 17.00
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: Germany
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Product Description


As the name implies, VITALBASE means "foundation of life". As a basic supplement for human body, GD1 is rich in antioxidant nutrients: vitamin C, vitamin E, β-carotene and tea polyphenols, etc., to achieve comprehensive anti-oxidation and delay cells aging maintain organ function, and enhance immunity, to prevent cytopathic changes and maintain healthy cells.

GD1 us also rich in prebiotics and other comprehensive water -soluble fibers to maintain good intestinal, and reduce stool in the body.

•Contain more than 30 different of nature nutrients.

•Rich in high antioxidants.

•Enhance cell’s quality and delay cell ageing.

•Improve organ function and enhance immunity.

•Contain prebiotic & soluble fibre to prevent intestinal disease.

顾名思义即为“生命的基础”, 作为铺垫人体健康的基础营养素,GD1 富含防御性抗氧化营养素:维生素C、维生素E、β-胡萝卜素及茶多酚,实现全面性抗氧化,延缓细胞衰老,维持器官功能,并提升免疫力抵御外来病毒侵蚀,预防现代文明病,并防止内在细胞病变。GD1同時富含益生元及其他綜合水溶性纖維,維持腸道益菌生態,維持良好腸道功能,減少體內宿便。


GD2 is rich in vitamin B complex, including B1, B2,B6,B12, Folic acid, Pantothenic acid, Niacin and other nutrients. It's an important co-enzyme for maintaining cell biochemical function. In addition to providing body energy, it also helps metabolism, hematopoietic, nerve protection, detoxification, improve immunity and prevent diseases.

GD2's effective vitamin formula also help to reducing cholesterol and triglycerides, to prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases effectively. By improving the blood quality, GD2 also help to increase the transmission of oxygen and nutrients, increase muscle endurance, and maintain healthy cells, prevent cytopathic changes and reduce anaerobic cells in the body.

• Functional Formulation.

• Reduce risk of chronic & cardiovascular disease effectively.

• Improve RBC reproduction and blood circulation.

• Helps in metabolism and immune system.

• Strengthen physical stamina.

GD2 富含維生素B群包括



Human body cannot synthesize minerals, but minerals play a very important role in physiological functions. Minerals are the important raw materials to form body tissues, it will help to maintain the body's PH balance and normal osmotic pressure, it's also important substance for nerve sensing and maintaining normal heart rhythm. Some special physiological substances in the human body, such as the synthesis of hemoglobin and thyroxine are required iron and iodine.

• Rich in organic minerals.

• Maintain ideal blood pressure and good heart rhythm

• Promote better sleep quality

• Essential for cell growth.

• Improve bone metabolism and prevent osteoporosis.

• Improve nerve responsiveness.


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