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Eco Breeze Air Circulator Series -Air Circulator Fan with Built in Ionizer Technologies Comes with Remote Control 3 Speed Variation Wind Chill Effect Ceiling Mounted 14inch Blade Kipas Pengedaran Udara Siling

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Product Specification

: Home Appliances  >  Cooling and Heating  >  Fans
: 1118i
: EB1118i_White
Dimension (Length x Width x Height)
: 62.00 x 61.00 x 22.00
: 16.64080
Manufacturing Country
: Malaysia
Warranty Type
: Warranty By Year
Warranty Value
: 3 Years
Warranty Description
: 1 Year Full Product Warranty + 2 Years Fan Motor Warranty
Ship From
: Selangor

Product Description

Air Circulator Fan Series

14" Ceiling Mounted Air Circulator Fan (EB1118i)

Product Specification

Voltage : 220-240V / 50Hz

Rated Power : 45W

Fan Blade Size : 14 Inches

Dimension : 598mm x 598mm x 223.5mm

Cover Material : Quality ABS Plastic

Air Delivery : 90m3/min

Say Byes to Harmful Substances Such As Smoke and Allergen

Our Eco Breeze Ceiling Air Circulator EB1118i infused with Ionizer technology which capable of produce clean & fresh air making air pollutants subside naturally with ionizer. Now everyone can enjoy clean & fresh AIR!

Low Ceiling Height Installation

Most of the new building nowadays employed the concept of plaster ceiling for interior aesthetic purpose, which then lead to low ceiling height that later cause problem if we were to install ceiling fans. Our Ceiling Air Circulator EB1118i is here to solve the problem without compromising your interior design needs. It may not replace Ceiling Fans in term of air delivery; however, it can help to circulate air thoroughly leaving a comfortable feeling to our sense.

Cutting Down Your Air Conditioner Bills Up To 70%!

If you are using air conditioner, our Ceiling Air Circulator EB1118i works well with your air conditioner & MOST IMPORTANTLY it helps to reduce the workload of your air
conditioner. Every 1-degree Celsius in air conditioner temperature setting could help to save up to 8% electricity consumption. You may wonder, HOW?!

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Wind Chill Effect

Our Ceiling Air Circulator EB1118i create wind chill effect, it helps you to feel a few degrees cooler than the ambient temperature. Meaning, you just must set your air conditioner thermostat to 25 degree or 27 degree & you will feel like 24 degree. Hence, reducing the reliance to your air conditioner.

Eco Motor Technologies

We stand proud of our engineering; In comparison to Ceiling Fans in term of power consumption. Our Eco Breeze Ceiling Air Circulator EB1118i was rated at 45W only!

Eco Breeze Ceiling Mounted Air Circulator Fans EB1118i is Certified!

Our Shipping Process

We stand firm in providing great customer experience! We want to ensure that all Eco Breezer will able to receive their product as soon as possible.

  • Order made before 3pm will be process for shipping on the same day.

  • Order made after 3pm will be processed for shipping tomorrow.

Disclaimer – Delivery Services

Do take note that delivery services (courier company) will decide when it’s best time to deliver your product. Estimation above are just an estimation & it could be faster or slower. As customer service is our priority! If you face any difficulty, do let us know so that we can sort it out for you.

Product FAQ

Q: What is Air Circulator?

With carefully engineered air flow design and state-of the art technology, air
circulator is a new innovative product that would revolutionize the existing
air ventilation system. By circulating air through innovative means, it serves
as an alternative for indoor air temperature management system.

Q: What is the benefit of Air Circulator?

Air Circulator helps to circulate indoor air besides eliminating all the hot spot
in an area. Besides that, the air circulator could be installed at area with
limited space or low ceiling. By coupling the usage of air-conditioner, we
could help customer to save up to 30% of energy beside providing a Soothing environment throughout the space, the air circulator could eliminate hot spot in every corner of the room.

Q: Air Circulator vs. Fans?

As compared to normal ceiling fan, the air circulator is a safer alternative for low ceiling installations. It could also be installed at places with limited
ceiling height and very small area, whereby installing any ceiling fan is
almost impossible.

Q: Does it function like Ventilation Fan?

The function of the air circulator is totally different from a ventilation fan. The
ventilation fan exhausts the indoor air to the outer compound of the place;
while air circulator only circulates indoor air, hence it won’t bring in any
dust or particles from the outside.

Q: Can Air Circulator replace my Fans?

It is advisable not to compare air circulator to a fan due to the fact that the air circulator only provide smooth natural breeze in a 360 degree rotation; while the air from ceiling fan is relatively stronger and you could feel the pressure coming from ceiling fan. Hence both has different function and each item is at its best based on different purposes.

Q: Which type (Ceiling or Table) of Air Circulator should I buy?

Depends on your application, the ceiling air circulator is suited for area whereby ceiling height is concerned and you need a large coverage area for the whole of an area.Meanwhile, if space is not an issue, and you only need air circulator to be portable and can be used for a designated area, the table air circulator is more suited for so. Moreover, the table air circulator does not require any installation job which made the whole application easier.

Q: I already have ceiling fan; can I use together?

It is not advisable to use both ceiling fan and air circulator as the airflow from the ceiling fan and air circulator might in conflict with each other and hence reduce the airflow from both. If the products are to be use together, make sure that there are at least a distance of 50cm apart from each other.

Q: Is your product SIRIM Certified?

Rest assured that all our products are certified by the relevant safety authority in Malaysia.

Q: Can I get discount since you provide installation in Klang Valley, but I’m in Penang.

We will evaluate each scenario on a case-by-case basis. For further information, kindly contact our after-sales support service. Thanks.

Q: Do I have to service it afterward?

Only minimal cleaning is required for the Air Circulator. Intensive service is required only when there are major faulty issue on the Air Circulator.

Q: Is there any filter to change?

There is no filter incorporated in the air circulator.

Q: What are the life span?

The life span of the air circulator is around 5-6 years under proper maintenance and usage.

Q: How about the fan noise?

The fan noise is very minimal and tested to be less than 60dB.

Q: How much energy this unit consuming per month?

The energy rating for the Air Circulator is 45W. For 8-hour usage per day, 30 days a month, the total consumption of the air circulator is less than 11kW.

Q: Warranty Period?

We provide 1-year full product warranty coupled with 3 years motor

Q: What are the size of the fan blade? How big of an area it can cover?

The size of the fan blade is 14”, and the air circulator can cover
an area of 10’ x 10’.

Q: What are the air delivery?

The air delivery of the air circulator is rated at 90 m3/min.

Q: Can it be installed on my house with
only 8’ ceiling height?

Yes, since
the configuration of the air circulator is concealed into the ceiling, it won’t
pose any danger to anyone in the living area. And with a low ceiling height
less than 8’, it’s very dangerous for you to install any ceiling fan beneath

Q: Can it be installed without plaster

Yes, the air
circulator could be installed without plaster ceiling. However, a bracket is
required to hold the air circulator onto the concrete ceiling.

Q: Is there any frame or bracket provided
in the box?

The frame
and bracket are not included in the package. For installation on the plaster
ceiling, frame is recommended for installation; while for installation on the
concrete ceiling, a bracket is required instead.

Q: Is there any charges for installation?

There will
be charges for installation depend on the condition of the ceiling.

Q: How many days does the fans take to
arrive my place?

The fan will
be arrived within 3 working days normally.

Q: Can I install it on my own?

It is
advisable that all the installation to be done by a certified electrician to
ensure the safety of every users.

Eco Breeze Ceiling Mounted Air Circulator Fans EB1118i Comes With Warranty!

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