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Airestec / Magixzymax Surface & Hand Sanitizer & Disinfectant #Eucalyptus #AloeVera #sanitiser #green #ecofriendly #eco #non-corrosive #neutral #child-friendly #pet-friendly #biodegradable #safe
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RM 50
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Probiz Green
1 years ago
Produk 27
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: Kecantikan & Kesihatan  >  Mandian  >  Pencuci Tangan & Pembersih Tangan
: Airestec
: Tidak Terperinci
: 859822758-1584293333288-0
Dimensi (Panjang x Lebar x tinggi)
: 6.00 x 3.00 x 9.00
: 0.13
Negara Pembuatan
: Malaysia
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: No Warranty
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Deskripsi Produk

In stock now: 50 ml spray bottles similar to brochure (RM50 for 2 x 50 ml spray bottles). NOW A RARE 4-IN-1 COMBO PRODUCT! (SURFACE SANITIZER & DISINFECTANT, HAND SANITIZER & DISINFECTANT!)! MUCH MORE HANDY TO HAVE EVERYTHING TOGETHER!AIRESTEC / MAGIXZYMAX SURFACE & HAND SANITIZER & DISINFECTANT- biotechnology at its best;- can kill 99.99% common germs and bacteria (Scientifically tested for bacterial removal & proven by accredited lab);- scientifically tested by accredited laboratory;- works great on all types of surfaces including walls, painted surfaces, granite, glass, stainless steel, hardwood floors, sealed stone, porcelain, laminate, etc;- excellent for items such as baby chairs, toys, shopping carts, toilet seats, counter tops, bathroom fixtures, mobile phones, etc;- non-GMO, pH neutral;- 100% biodegradable- less allergenic than most other sanitizers due to lower alcohol content(2 brands, AIRESTEC and MAGIXZYMAX, for different markets but still the same quality product)READY TO USE ANYTIME! FOR SURFACES, JUST SPRAY AND WIPE! FOR HANDS, JUST SPRAY AND RUB TILL IT'S DRY! IT'S THAT EASY!IT HAS BEEN SAID THAT ONE OF THE BEST WAYS TO FIGHT ANY VIRUS BEING SPREAD IS BY SANITIZING AND DISINFECTING THE SURFACES THAT WE TOUCH. I USE IT TO CLEAN THE KNIFE, FORK & SPOON WHEN I EAT OUT! (please check out the photos!)Comes with 3 scents! LEMON, LEMONGRASS OR LAVENDER! INGREDIENTS INCLUDE EUCALYPTUS & ROSEMARY ESSENTIAL OILS & ALOE VERA EXTRACT APART FROM THE USUAL DENAT ALCOHOL AND WATER.SCENTS WILL BE PICKED RANDOMLY UNLESS IT'S A LARGE ORDER SINCE IT'S MADE IN BATCHES.NOTE: Beware of very cheap so-called sanitizers / disinfectants out there! To kill 99.9% of bacteria, you need min. 65+% alcohol. To kill viruses, many doctors suggest close to 70% alcohol can do the job. If the sanitizer/ disinfectant is too cheap, you should be careful! Ask questions! Many products claim to be anti bacterial but the question is how effective is it? Sanitizers don't kill viruses. Disinfectants help to get rid of viruses.Please check out the following videos:;

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