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不开封 不割码 九吉公老红糖 Jiu Ji Gong Traditonal Brown Sugar / Gula Merah HALAL,Ginger tea,姜母茶

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: 13.00 x 26.00 x 11.00
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Product Description

READY STOCK 1 BOX RM 80 !! 5 BOX RM 290!! 不开封 不割码 九吉公老红糖 Jiu Ji Gong Traditonal Brown Sugar / Gula Merah HALAL JIU JI GONG 1 box (20pc-26pc) GINGER TEA 姜母茶 1box(20pc-25pc) 九吉公姜母茶 / 老红糖 割码 no barcode !!! 九吉公姜母茶 / 老红糖 割码 no barcode !!! Remove barcode 割码 ,介意者请勿下单 谢谢 If u mind remove barcode don’t place order tqvm 九吉公老红糖作用: ①改善女性寒凉体质,受善体虚所致的痛经,月经不调。 ②对产后子宫收缩,恢复,恶露的有效排出,乳汁的分泌。 ③促进儿童骨骼生长,增加记忆力。 ④对男性有解酒,补益气,养肝护脾,缓解·疲劳。 ⑤改善人体虚弱,贫血,皮肤粗糙,造血功能。 ⑥具有强效抗氧化及修护作用,促进细胞新生 ⑦易于人体吸收,快速补充人体能量,有助恢复体力,祛寒暖胃。 ——————————————————— The effects of jiujigong 九吉公老红糖 (Brown sugar) 1. Improves cold body constitution among females to relieve menstrual cramps and regulate menstrual cycles. 2. Aids in uterus recovery and contraction, discharge of blood clots and breast milk production after child birth. 3. Promotes the growth and development of children’s bones and memory. 4. Helps in alleviating hangover, fatigue as well as strengthening spleen and liver to regulate the flow of qi among men. 5. Ameliorates immune system, anemia and increases blood production. 6. Rich in antioxidants to prevent and repair damage on skin, promotes cell turnover to improve overall skin tone and texture. 7. Easily absorbed hence facilitates metabolism, blood circulation to replenish energy and keep body warm. ———————————————————— 【为什么红糖要喝3个月以上呢】⁉下面为大家介绍一下: 胃细胞七天更新一次;皮肤细胞28天左右更新一次;肝脏细胞在180天更换一次;红血球细胞120天更新一次; 在一年左右的时间,身体98%的细胞都会被重新更新一次;而骨骼细胞更新需要七年。 所以不论你是要排毒、调理气血平衡,还是改善亚健康的问题都需要耐心,给身体足够的时间,才能彻底改变自己的健康状况!愿每位小主都有健康的身体、美丽的容颜

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