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INTELLIGENT Natural Enzymes Children Toothpaste (40g) [Free Yo'Come Toothbrush]
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Spesifikasi Produk
: Kecantikan & Kesihatan  >  Penjagaan mulut  >  Ubat Gigi
: Intelligent
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Dimensi (Panjang x Lebar x tinggi)
: 15.00 x 10.00 x 30.00
: 0.9
Negara Pembuatan
: Taiwan
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: No Warranty
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: Selangor

Deskripsi Produk

Brand: INTELLIGENT Product: Natural Enzymes Children Toothpaste

Packaging: 40g

Flavour Available: Strawberry, Grapefruit, Juice Peach

INTELLIGENT Enzyme Toothpaste can help to maintain good oral health without any risks to your kids body. You can let your kids use them without worries and still have that happy smile. CLEAN THOROUGHLY Enzymes in toothpaste can help decompose dental plaque, tartar and prevent tooth decay.

STRENGTHEN TEETH Pearl powder contains amino acids, trace elements, and 93 % bio calcium that can strengthen teeth and prevent tooth decay.

PEARL POWDER is rich in 18 essential amino acids, over 30 trace minerals, and a high concentration of calcium. According to medical research the absorption rate of oral mucosa is 13 times that of general skin absorption, that is to say the toothpaste ingredients will be absorbed by oral mucosa when brushing teeth.

KIDS FAVOURITE FLAVOUR Three different flavor of INTELLIGENT toothpaste for kids, popular fruit flavors are children’s favorite. It’s a natural and food grade toothpaste non minty flavor, no “spicy” problem. FEATURES:

- Made from food grade material and safe quality for packing (LFGB qualified)

- Double clean and double health

- Protect mucosa and keep gum in healthy condition

- Decompose sugar residue in instant - Keep saliva healthy and tooth disease away

- Maintain oral clean and keep the mouth fresh

- Remove bacteria that cause dental caries to prevent caries effectively MAIN INGREDIENTS: Amylase, Glucose oxidase, Lactoperoxidase, Lysozyme, Lactoferrin, Pearl Powder, Bioflavonoids, Xylitol

DIRECTION OF USAGE: - Children under 2 teeth : use two rice sized amount - Children of 3~4 teeth : use four rice sized amount

- Children more than 4 teeth : use six rice sized amount

DRY BRUSH: don’t rinse the toothbrush and mouth before brushing the teeth for 2 minutes. It’s safe to swallow for children when they can not rinse their mouth.

Products of Taiwan Shelf Life: 3 Years

- Helps to overcome tooth decay, yellow tooth, and black stain tooth among children

- 'Pearl Powder' contains amino acids, trace elements, bio calcium that strengthen teeth and prevent tooth decay

- 3 awesome flavours, will get your kids to love their brushing session, is also safe if swallow accidentally

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