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5-slot 6-hook Mop and Broom Holder + Microfiber Dust Mop (Random Colour) + Window Washer with Sponge (Random Colour)
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RM 52.9
Gambaran Kedai
BigSpoon Kitchenware
1 days ago
Produk 710
Pengikut 53
Penilaian 4.8
Sertai 4 Tahun yang lalu
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Spesifikasi Produk
: Peralatan rumah  >  Penjagaan Rumah  >  Penyapu, Mop & Penyapu
: Tidak Terperinci
: Tidak Terperinci
: 806108993_806104848_806107503
Dimensi (Panjang x Lebar x tinggi)
: 70.00 x 16.00 x 10.00
: 2.4
Negara Pembuatan
: Tidak Terperinci
Jenis Warranti
: No Warranty
Nilai Warranti
: -
Deskripsi Warranti
: -
Ship From
: Pulau Pinang

Deskripsi Produk
Our broom hanger is multi-functional and practical, it can be used for storing broom and mop in many places, such as garage, garden, laundry, hotel, restaurant and hospitals etc. Comes with hooks for hanging keys, umbrellas or towels, it is very convenient and easy to use. A very practical and value for money broom hanger.

HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL - Made of high-quality ABS material, environmental-friendly, sturdy and durable.
MANY USES - Can be used for storing mop and broom in the garage, garden, kitchen, laundry, office, school, hotel, restaurant, hospital or supermarkets etc.
EASY TO USE - When you place the broom in the position, the rolling balls will automatically adjust to grip the handle securely. You can take out the broom by lifting the handle up, the ball will release your broom.
FLEXIBLE HOOKS - The hooks can be unfolded and folded up, you could unfold it for storing many small stuffs, such as keys, umbrellas, towels, and brushes etc.

No matter if you are hoping to keep the windows of your home free from smudges or you want to clean off the windows of your car for better visibility, this Window Washer can help. It features the perfectly sized handle for reaching across medium to large-sized windows, able to squeak off any of the dirt and grime that has accumulated on its surface. Portable, this wiper can go anywhere that you do. It features a sponge for scrubbing and cleaning the window, while on its opposite side, there is a rubber wiper to get off the soap and water.

Perfectly sized handle for reaching across medium to large-sized windows
Able to squeak off any of the dirt and grime
Features a sponge for scrubbing and cleaning the window
There is a rubber wiper to get off the soap and water

Make your life easier than ever. Microfiber Dust Mop can be used for house,office, kitchen, bathroom, corner, and other place.
Dual function : dry for dusting, wet for mopping.

They are a blend of microscopic polyester and polyamide (nylon) fibers that are split during manufacturing to create microscopic ''hooks'' which act as claws that scrape up and hold dust, dirt and grime. They are 1/16 the thickness of a human hair and can hold six times their weight in water! Importantly, the fibers have a positive charge. They attract dust, which has a negative charge and hold them in their network of fibers.
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