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THAI BEST SELLER Inhaler 1pcs (colour send out random same fuction)
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thaikrung wholesale
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: Kecantikan & Kesihatan  >  Bekalan Perubatan  >  Bekalan Pertolongan Cemas
: No Brand
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: inhaler-Siang Pure Inhaler
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Deskripsi Produk
1PC Nasal Decongestant Nasal Inhaler Better Breathe Fast Relief From Nasal Congestion Colds / Hay Fever Allergies / Sinusitis ● Description Products salts Contains menthol , camphor, borneol most essential oils , and more. Such as oil, clove oil , peppermint oil or eucalyptus oil Eucalyptus. And also helps to dissolve tough oil like sesame oil or mineral oil with extracts of some herbs .The main elements of menthol or peppermint called scales. Camphor and borneol These include essential oils can cause a cold feeling feisty in the nasal cavity are awake feeling refreshed . Salts consisting of three main compounds of this will make clearing nasal inhalation . And cause a cold feeling fresh and alert NASA handy as nasal congestion , dizziness or fainting , but using an inhaler correctly. Inhale close But not in direct contact. Do not allow the tube to hold the nose. Because every substance can cause irritation on contact.Avoid touching nose tube salts else. It may cause infection. The salts are able to reduce symptoms temporarily.If you should see a doctor. Salts as a drug looks for signs of water or wax cotton ball or handkerchief or thin chest and inhale the vapors. Or may be used outside of the nose , but small amounts . And if there is a disease of the nasal cavity. ● Allergic inflammation of the nasal cavity Sinus infection or sinusitis should avoid using. This may be due to allergic nasal septum damage already.If inhaled drug that is very concentrated . The medication may irritate more inhalation may be harmful to children.Should be kept away from children. Condition : Brand new, sealed, never open USES: Relief of dizziness, fatigue, or headaches. Clear your airways & clean out your sinus. Rub elixir on temples for extra relief and awareness. Help makes you feel fresh and alert. Fast relief from nasal congestion Colds /hay fever allergies/sinusitis **Random Color #poysianmark2 #poysian #inhaler #thailand #mymortenstore
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