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2 x BioCare Organic Soya Bean Powder 400g (No Sugar)
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Product Specification
: Health & Beauty  >  Dietary Supplements  >  Well Being
: Biocare
: 2 x BioCare Organic Soya Bean Powder 400g (No Sugar)
Dimension (Length x Width x Height)
: 18.00 x 22.00 x 12.00
: 1.12
Manufacturing Country
: Malaysia
Warranty Type
: Warranty By Month
Warranty Value
: 1 Months
Warranty Description
: This item have come with one month warranty , but once open already the warranty will be void .
Ship From
: Perak

Product Description


✔ Helps relieve sleep 

✔ Soybean for healthy bones

✔ Relieve menopausal symptoms

✔ Soybean may help manage blood sugar 

BioCare Organic Soya Bean Powder comes with a variety of essential nutrients that helps in strengthening physical fitness and immune system. It is the best drink choices for your family. Soya beans is high in fiber and protein. It's also low in saturated fat, besides that it's cholesterol and lactose free. Soya beans are a good source of omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants.

Ingredient       : Organic Soya Bean Powder  400gm

Consumption : Mix 3 scoop of BioCare Organic Soya Bean Powder into 200ml of warm water. Add more if preferred.


✔ 有助于缓解睡眠

✔ 大豆有益骨骼健康

✔ 缓解更年期症状

✔ 大豆可能有助于控制血糖

BioCare 有机大豆粉含有多种必需营养素,有助于增强身体和免疫系统。它是您家人的最佳饮品选择。大豆富含纤维和蛋白质。它的饱和脂肪含量也很低,不含胆固醇和乳糖。大豆是 omega-3 脂肪酸和抗氧化剂的良好来源。

成分         : 有机豆粉 400克

使用方法 : 将3勺BIOCARE 天然黄豆粉倒入一杯200毫升的温水中。您也可依据喜好以添加分量。


✔ Membantu melegakan tidur

✔ Soya bagus untuk kesihatan tulang

✔ Melegakan tanda menopause

✔ Soya boleh membantu mengawal gula dalam darah

Serbuk Soya Organik BioCare mengandungi pelbagai nutrien penting yang membantu menguatkan badan dan sistem imun. Ia adalah pilihan minuman terbaik untuk keluarga anda. Soya kaya dengan serat dan protein. Ia juga rendah lemak tepu dan tidak mengandungi kolesterol dan laktosa. Soya adalah sumber asid lemak omega-3 dan antioksidan yang baik.

Bahan-bahan : Serbuk Organik Soya Bean 400gm

Pengambilan : Campur  3  sudu Serbuk Soya Organik BioCare ke dalam 200ml air suam.  Tambah lebih jika suka.

Product Review
- / 5.0
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