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D'Tone and D'Green【ALL NATURAL Slimming/Detox Beverage】【Made from 100% Natural Fruit Enzymes】
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3 months ago
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Product Specification
: Health & Beauty  >  Beauty Tools  >  Body Slimming & Electric Massagers
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Dimension (Length x Width x Height)
: 25.00 x 25.00 x 25.00
: 3.125
Manufacturing Country
: Not Specified
Warranty Type
: No Warranty
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: -
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: -
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: Selangor

Product Description
Product Features D'Tone

White kidney bean 
- Helps to block our body to absorb the calories from starch. Frequent use can help to generate kidney functions.

Garcinia Cambogia
- Can prevent and burn excessive fat without affecting the central nervous system.
- Stimulate the body system, effectively metabolize fat from our body.

Various fruit enzyme 
- Help to balance the blood alkalinity and promote better metabolic system.
- Improve digestion while decompose the structure of starch and protein, to prevent accumulation of fat.

Acelora Cherry and Passion Fruit
- The natural antioxidant, help to maintain normal metabolism.
- Has the name ‘king of Vitamin C’. It is 17 times richer in Vitamin C compare with strawberry and 35 times richer than lemon.

Product Advantages

100% natural, no additives and chemical, no disturbance for central nervous systemThis is a supplementary food, you can continue your normal diet while the slimming progressThis product contain rich enzyme which can stimulate body function and maintain the weight after weight loss

Product Benefits

Increase metabolic rate, burn excessive body fat

Activate digestive enzyme, to prevent fat accumulationBalancing the endocrine system, helps to reduce the chance of oedema 

Product Features D'Green

- Can stop fat absorption in our body
- Help to prevent heart related diseases
- Balance up the sugar level in our blood

- Powerful in decompose protein, can improve the kidney function
- It is the natural source for anti-inflammation, able to ease gastrointestinal ulcers etc

Green Tea 
- Has the function of antioxidant, anti-bacteria, anti-tumor, anti-virus, prevent the level of LDL and glucose to rise
- Its EGCg can avoid us from the harmful of the free radical

Aloe Vera
- Extremely effective in avoiding constipation, it helps to remove accumulated feces easily
- Improve the absorption of nutrients
- Anthraquinone helps to sterilize

Chlorella and Spirulina
- Can increase our metabolic rate 
- Normalize our immune system 
- Remove the body toxin and chemicals

Product Advantages

Quality slimming and body detoxify product, improve the immune system and balance the blood alkalinityWithout any drug. Hence, there is no side effect towards our bodyHelp in absorption of nutrients and anti-inflammation, leads you to the healthy slimming process

Product Benefits

Decompose body toxin and for easier nutrient absorptionEncourage bowel movement, remove accumulated feces and avoid constipationHelp to normalize body function, anti-inflammation and destroy free radical
Product Review
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