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Apr 02, 2023 - Apr 09, 2023

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10 hours ago
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Spesifikasi Produk
: Kids & Baby  >  Baby  >  Diapers
: Not Specified
: Not Specified
: PSDIA00033
Dimension (Length x Width x Height)
: 31.00 x 13.00 x 38.00
: 3.0628
Manufacturing Country
: Japan
Warranty Type
: No Warranty
Warranty Value
: -
Warranty Description
: -
Hantar Dari
: Pulau Pinang

Deskripsi Produk

Merries Super Premium Pants

Smile comes to all mums whose babies fell comfortable and happy! Always gentle to the babies’ skin, Merries diapers provide all babies the utmost comfort they truly deserve. Happy Baby, Smiling Mummy!

A newborn baby's skin is only half the thickness of an adult's skin — so thin and delicate. A newly wet diaper might seem to have absorbed the pee immediately, but it's surprisingly still moist in there. Remember that babies sweat twice as much as adults, thus the pee and poo can irritate the baby's moist and sweaty skin, causing diaper rash.


✅ Soft & Airy Wavy Mesh

Unique soft and wavy surface design to prevent friction againt baby's delicate skin. The surface that touches baby's skin is airy and wavy. All-round breathable sheet for maximum dryness and comfort all day long.

✅ Airy channels around the waist

Micro airy channels efficiently releases heat and stuffiness. Keeps skin dry even for the most active baby.

✅ Gather extends to 2.5 times

Increased ease of diaper changing with more elasticity around waist gathers. 25% less strength required.

✅ Fit snugly & softly, stay in place

The paper pattern is made in a curved shape so that the diaper fits the shape of the buttom.

✅ Softer leg gathers

Softer leg gathers reduce rubbermarks and comfortable to wear.

✅ Superb absorbency

200-300 times' absorbency. You can have a peace of mind even on mornings when your baby has peed a lot overnight.

✅ Colour-changing wetness indicators

When the strips change color to dark green, it is time to change the diaper.

How to change Pants diapers

1. Put your hands through the diaper's leg holes and pass your baby's legs through one at a time.

2. Pull the diaper up to above your baby's navel. It is easy to put on even if your baby flips while changing.

3. Use your fingers to adjust the inner gathers evenly around the thighs, so as to prevent leakage.

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