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Tibetan Natural Agate Pendant Old Gui Ren Dzi Bead 36.9mm with Cert 西藏贵人老天珠天然玛瑙吊坠36.9mm
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Product Specification
: Men's Fashion  >  Men Jewellery  >  Necklaces
: Not Specified
: Not Specified
Dimension (Length x Width x Height)
: 10.00 x 10.00 x 2.00
: 1
Manufacturing Country
: China
Warranty Type
: No Warranty
Warranty Value
: -
Warranty Description
: -
Ship From
: Selangor

Product Description
This unique piece age-old Gui Ren pure dzi is filled with blessing power from divine blessing. Gui Ren Dzi can eliminate anger, hatred, pride, harmful, gossips, bad-mouthing, doubts and wrong views from people around you. Additionally, it can repel danger and harmful people. In other hand, it helps to attract people of higher power, benefactors with capabilities to help in career and success. Gui Ren Dzi’s pattern looks like a stick figure of a man with a head at both ends. In Mandarin, Gui Ren means benefactors or people who help you to succeed. This dzi can help people around you to be your benefactors that help bring good things to your life. It will help owner to detect those with bad intentions by heightening the senses to stay away from them. This dzi is regarded to bring supportive and helpful people into its owner's career, business investors, co-workers, life partners and all those who are near. Strongly recommend to people who are seeking a better and clearer future or business investors.

这颗独特的贵人天珠年代久远,仅此一颗,富有神圣的加持力量。求生奋斗的精神寄托,消除业障重罪,免除危害。 贵人天珠的图纹像一个人与两端各一头。他可以帮助你周围的人成为你的贵人,带来好东西给你的生活,这将帮助佩戴者通过提高感官远离那些有不良意图的人。贵人天珠被认为可以有利于佩戴者的工作,商业投资者, 同事,生活伙伴和亲人密友。贵人天珠有助于消除别人带给你的烦恼,清除障碍和阻挠。强烈建议正在寻找更清晰美好的未来或者商业投资者的人佩戴。

Dzi Size(Length):36.9mm

Product Review
- / 5.0
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