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Window Art DIY Bracelet Kit Crystal Bracelet DIY Crystal Bracelet Manik Kristal Gelang Manik Kristal DIY Keychain Art
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Penghantaran Dari
Pulau Pinang
Anggaran Penghantaran
Jun 06, 2023 - Jun 13, 2023



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RM 23.9
Gambaran Kedai
Banana Technology
1 hours ago
Produk 911
Pengikut 40
Penilaian 4.8
Sertai 10 Months Ago
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Spesifikasi Produk
: Women's Fashion  >  Women Fashion Jewellery  >  Bracelets
: Not Specified
: Not Specified
: BNT-T102-9038E
Dimension (Length x Width x Height)
: 21.00 x 25.00 x 5.00
: 0.525
Manufacturing Country
: Not Specified
Warranty Type
: No Warranty
Warranty Value
: -
Warranty Description
: -
Hantar Dari
: Pulau Pinang

Deskripsi Produk
📍Ready Stock in Malaysia
✅ 100% Brand New Items
✅ 100% Quality Assured
✅ Fast Delivery 🚚
EBAYRO Crystal Pendant
What special to attract you:
🎨Can create your own unique jewelry
🎨Can be a bracelet/Necklace/Keychain
🎨Cultivate design talent
🎨Improve your hand craft skills
🎨Enhance your imagination
🎨Increase the drawing skills
🎨Develop Patience
💫The color pigment is apply Eco-friendly materials, Odorless
💫Air Dry, Take the hassle out of baking

2 Size of Crystal Pendant:

Big Size Crystal Pendant
What included:
x18 Pendant
x10 Bead Chain
x2 Thread
x6 Color Pigment
x8 Shiny DIY Diamond
x400 Crystal Beads ( about 6 necklaces/18 bracelets are possible to wear)
x1 Tweezers
Product Details:
Size: 24.5cm x 20cm x 4.2cm

Small Size Crystal Pendant
What included:
x6 Pendant
x6 Bead Chain
x1 Thread
x6 Color Pigment
x8 Shiny DIY Diamond
x60 Crystal Beads ( about 1 necklaces/3 bracelets are possible to wear)
x1 Tweezers
Product Details:
Size: 13.3cm x 2.8cm x 19.5cm
W: 235g
✨3D Three-Dimensional Glue Painting (Luminous Paint)✨

Advantages of Ebayro 3D No-Bake Glue Painting:
1. Water-based and environmentally friendly! Safe and environmentally friendly washable pigments, with high gloss after forming, and no harm to the skin.
2. Natural air-drying! It can be formed and peeled off in 2-4 hours, which is nearly 20 hours before the 24-hour forming of imported brands. At the same time, it is safer and easier to operate than traditional oil-based glue painting. No oven! No need to bake!
3. Upgrade the new colorful effect! BULING BULING shines, the new effect makes the work more outstanding!

1. Pick a pattern and put it in the painting transparent bag, (you can also use your own pattern) to trace the outline on the bag along the pattern with black border color paint.
2. After the border color is naturally air-dried for about 1 hour, fill the color paint in the wire frame and wait for the paint to dry completely. (2-4 hours to dry naturally)
3. Peel off the dried and formed glue painting and stick it on smooth surfaces such as doors and windows, refrigerators, car windows, cups and vases.

Product Details:
Product number: 9038E
Product name: 3D three-dimensional glue painting (Luminous paint)
Product color: 10 luminous colors + 1 large zong-color surrounding paint
Size: 23x21x4 cm
W: 312g

Product Included:
x10 Luminous Paint Pen +1 Liner
x8 Pages of A4 (170 Pictures+)
x1 Sheet Bag
x1 Set Tools

🧚🏻‍♂️WindowArt 🧚🏻‍♂️
3D Three-Dimensional Glue Painting has a similar tutorial.

What Included:
x1Transparent painting bag
x1 Color Rope
x1 Handwriting Paper
Various Suncatchers
x6 10.5ml Sparkle Color Deco Glass(Black,Pink,Green,Yellow,Brown,Blue)

Product Design: See variation
Size: 23x14x2.3cm
Penilaian produk
- / 5.0
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