Zensuous Aromatherapy Oil Eucalyptus 15ml

Zensuous Aromatherapy Oil Eucalyptus 15ml
Zensuous Aromatherapy Oil Eucalyptus 15ml
Zensuous Aromatherapy Oil Eucalyptus 15ml

Zensuous Aromatherapy Oil Eucalyptus 15ml

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  • Scent :Eucalyptus
  • Product Weight:15ml
  • Aromatherapy
  • Natural extracted essences
  • Healing capabilities
  • Promote health of body, mind and spirit
  • Altering mood
  • Longer burning
  • Lasting aroma
  • Packaging :Bubble Bag & Recycle Box

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Product details of Zensuous Aromatherapy Oil - Eucalyptus (15ml)


Aromatherapy Oils are basically pure Essential Oils added with mineral oil (or baby oil, also known asdiproylene gylcol), to prolong the rate of diffusion for a longer burning or aromatherapy session, while retaining all of Essential oils health benefits. Aromatherapy Oils contain organic occuring substances (found in Essential oils) that can be used in ways to positively affect human's physical, emotional and mental health.

Aromatherapy Oil enter the body through the olfactory system (via aroma diffuser or oil burners). Aromatherapy Oil can be used to enhance mood and uplift the spirit, to relieve symptoms such as fatigue, anxiety, stress, and depression, or be used to as an air freshener, as a household disinfectant, and insect repellent.

Guide to use Aromatherapy Oil.

For Relax: French lavender ,Lavender Rose ,Ocean ,Jasmine ,Lemongrass ,relaxing, Rose,Calming, White Musk ,Frangipani,Romance Eucalyptus,Sandalwood.

For Refresh :Apple Fresh, Morning Dew,Ocean ,Refresh,Vanilla,White Musk,Peppermint,Eucalyptus.

For Stress:Relaxing ,Caliming ,French Lavender ,Ocean,Eucalyptus,Sandalwood ,Peppermint,Lemongrass,Morning Dew

For Study:Ocean,Morning Dew,Refresh,Peppermint,frangipani,White Musk,

For Anti Bud/Smoke:Lemongrass,Citronella, Aftertobacco,Ocean,Refresh

For Peace:Sandalwood , Relaxing ,Calming,Ocean Jasmine,Lavender Rose,French Lavender,Eucalyptus

For Party:Refresh ,Romance,Calming,Rose,Ocean ,Vanilla,Lemongrass,French Lavender,Lavender Rose ,Apple fresh ,citronella ,Aftertobacco(outdoor use also)

For Romantic:Romance ,Rose,Lavender Rose,Frangipani,White Musk.

For Good Sleep :Relaxing ,Lemongrass ,Eucalyptus,Calming,Lavender Rose.

For Good Habitite:Apple Fresh ,Mornig Dew, Vanilla,Peppermint

For nervous Tension:French Lavender, Lavender rose,Relaixing,Refresh,Calming.

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