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Welcome to PG Mall

PG Mall is the latest online marketplace missioned to grow and bridge the local industries to the World. Unlike many other platforms, PG Mall is dedicated in campaigning and promoting local products & handicrafts as We are truly proud of for its International Quality and Sophisticated Finishing.

At the Lowest Cost, merchants in PG Mall will enjoy abundance of opportunities to expand their business in a secured and reliable eco-system for Highest Revenue in returns. In PG Mall, we strive to provide the products and brands of our valued merchants, not only in the form of monetary revenues but also for a sustainable brand cementing in the market.

With constant brand building and marketing campaigns, merchants will also enjoy a proliferating of Quality Customer Base to their homegrown business and product establishments.

PG Mall is delighting to welcome merchants with Quality Products & Services to use our platform to pursue to greater height together!

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Your journey starts here, we gladly open our arms in welcoming everyone even for new merchants who desires to sell online to join us on our journey in changing the world of e-commerce. Start your online journey by becoming a pioneer in the world's first ecommerce that utilizes a unique payment system like non-other. Let us at PG Mall help you market your products and guide you to sell online with the help of our experienced online marketing team to support you all the way.

How PG Mall Works

As a PG Mall Merchant, you will have full access to manage your products at the merchant page. From this page, you're able to upload more products, change the description of your products, change the pricing, title and much more.


1) How to register as PG Mall merchant?

A: Please login to for the merchant account registration.

2) What are the cost / fee to register as a PG Mall merchant?

A: There is no cost / fee will be charged for the new merchant account registration.

3) How long to get approved by PG Mall?

A: New merchant account will be approved within one working day from the date of registration.

4) What if I didn’t receive any email notification on the merchant account approval?

A: Please contact to for your enquiry.

5) What is the meaning of PG Code in the merchant registration page?

A: This is the referral code for those who had shopper account with Public Gold Marketing Sdn Bhd. Please skip and ignore if you do not have the PG code to insert.

6) What if a message showing that the company name has been taken during merchant account registration?

A: 2 scenarios that might be happened:-

  1. The merchant account has been registered successfully.
  2. This company name has been taken before your merchant account registration. Please contact us at for your enquiry.

7) Why I am unable to search my merchant store on even my merchant store has been approved?

A: Your merchant store will only being published when the store info and products are completed uploaded on PG Mall.

8) What is the ConsuMerchant® concept that highlighted by PG Mall?

A: ConsuMerchant® are rewarded for their experience sharing with fellow family and friends through its referral programme that rewards all successful transactions may it be performed by shoppers, merchants, or even referred shoppers. The more the referrals spend, the more referees will earn.


1) How to upload the item on PG Mall?

A: After you’ve login to the merchant office, you may refer to the video tutorial on “How to Upload Product”.

2) What if I have more than 30 SKUs on hand?

A: We do provide bulk product listing solution. You may download the bulk product listing template from merchant office dashboard. Once you have done the template with data, send to by indicating your merchant store name with merchant ID.

3) Do you provide any product synchronization service with market service provider?

A: Yes, you may contact us at for bulk product listing solutions.

4) How long to take for new product approval on PG Mall?

A: Product will be approved within 48 hours from the date of submission.

5) Why my products being rejected?

A: Please login to merchant office and refer to the message on product rejection. You are requested to revise accordingly and re-submit for product approval.

6) What’s the transaction fee for my products?

A: Please login to merchant office and view the schedule of transaction fee.

7) Who should I contact for any emergency matters?

A: Please reach our Merchant Management Team as below:-

  1. Ms. Gennie Chia 011-1067 0916
  2. Ms. Sandy Ma 011-1076 2916

8) How is the SST implementation on PG Mall?

A: Your product selling price shall be including with SST.

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