Exprezza favorito coffee (16 capsules)
Exprezza favorito coffee (16 capsules)

Exprezza favorito coffee (16 capsules)

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Favorito: One of our darker roasts, it has a thick rich aroma, with a grunty dark cocao flavor. It’s full bodied with a drier finish.

Exprezza Capsule Coffees are sealed in nitrogen flushed cups. This guarantees the aroma and flavor are kept so fresh as if the coffee has just been roasted and ground.

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Exprezza Coffee Beans are sourced from the world’s best growing regions. Our coffees are specially roasted in Australia by master blender to perfection. Each coffee blend are ground to perfect consistency and packed to custom calibrated brewing machine to produce optimum coffee aroma and richness equivalent to a 30ml espresso from a commercial espresso machine.

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