MyKuali Instant Thai Curry Fish Paste
MyKuali Instant Thai Curry Fish Paste

MyKuali Instant Thai Curry Fish Paste

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It is suggested to add some tomatoes and ladies’ fingers to make it a nutritious curry dish.                                                                
The curry powder which is used as part of the ingredients of MyKuali Instant Thai Curry Fish/Seafood Paste is our very own unique formulation

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Thai Curry Fish (4-5 serving)


200 g (1 packet)MyKuali Instant Thai Curry Fish/seafood Paste


800g - 1kgFish of your choice (Head, Slice, Stingray, Garoupa, Pomfret)

6 to 8Ladies' fingers

1Onion (Sliced)

1Tomato (Cut into 4 pieces)


1. Pour "MyKuali Instant ThaiCurry Fish/Seafood Paste" and water into wok, stir until even.

2. When the mixture is boiled, add in ladies' fingers, onion and tomato, continue to cook for a while.

3. Then add in fish and simmer over medium heat until fish is cooked.


**Amount of water is just an estimation. Please adjust amount of water according 

to your taste preference, amount of water will directly affect the thickness of the curry.

**Optional: Add in soya sauce or salt if necessary, according to your taste and preference.

**Optional: Replace fish with other seafood such as prawns, squids and etc.

**Optional: You can add in 50ml of coconut milk/evaporated milk/fresh milk before serving.

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