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Zam Zam Coconut Hair Oil 115ML

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: Health & Beauty  >  Hair Care  >  Hair Treatments
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Dimension (Lenght x Width x Height)
: 7.00 x 5.00 x 9.00
: 0.60

Product Description

Made from plants and roots as a composition that makes the growth of dense and dark hair shine. The aromatic SENSE and HERB make long hair, healthy and smooth.Exercise to remove dandruff, strengthen hair roots, prevents hair growth, normalizes branched hair and also acts as a vitamin for hairprevent and decrease growth grey hairsuitable for all age.

ingredient made from : Limau purut, menthol crystal, avocado oil, virgin coconut oil, ginseng,jojoba oil ,sweet almond oil.

effectiveness, halal, approve, can be wear when pray for muslim.

Rambut gugur & jarang??Berkelemumur??Gatal kulit kepala??Kepala berkudis??Rambut bercabang??Rambut kusut??Rambut beruban??berbau hapak??Rambut makin botak??pertumbuhan rambut baru.

  • Menyelesaikan masalah gatal kepala.
  • Menyelesaikan kelemumur.
  • Menyelesaikan masalah kudis di kulit kepala.struktur rambut menjadi lembut , sihat dan tidak bercabang DAN juga tidak gugur.kulit kepala menjadi bersih dan sihatmerapi rambut kusut mengelakkan keguguran rambut anda.

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