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: 养泽堂洗护养配套
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A set of YANG ZE TANG consists of 3 items:
1. Silicone Free Formula Ginger Shampoo (400 ml)
Cleaning dandruff
Compact hair scalp
Moisturizing hair core
Hair strengthening
The shampoo is a pure plant without silicone oil formula shampoo and cleans thoroughly. The acid PH ratio is also more fit the body acidic characteristics!! The natural ginger essence and a variety of plant extracts are gentle to skin. It helps to remove hair follicle residual dirt, moisturizing hair core, anti-dandruff and anti-inflammatory. Provide oil control to prevent bacteria growth! When the scalp is clean, healthy and breathable, the hair will be rejuvenation bright as well.

2. Hair mask (100ml)
Repair damage hair
Smoothen and soften the hair
Help on hair hydration
Regain glossy hair
The hair mask is suitable for all types of hair inclusive extremely impaired hair, dry hair, split ends, dull hair, perm and dye damage. The natural plant extraction of hair protein - amino acid ratio which is suitable for our hair absorption and makes the hair to get deep and balanced nourishment.

3. Hair Scalp Essence (50ml)
Nutritional moisture
Anti-inflammatory itching
Supply ample nutrition for healthy scalp and hair
Balanced grease of scalp
The natural plant extraction can help on deeply moisturizing scalp skin, balance the scalp oil secretion, nourish the hair follicle with nutrition. Help to maintain hair naturally healthy and shine

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YangZeTang Ginger Silicone Free Hair Shampoo Set

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