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Product Description

WAXCO EXTRA PERFORMANCE LUBE is an anti-friction metal conditioner which is of high-tech formulation that contains no suspended solids such as Teflon (P.T.F.E), Graphite, or Molybdenum Disulphide. Unlike other oil treatments, WAXCO EXTRA PERFORMANCE LUBE does not contain films or coatings that can plug filters or cause build-up on internal moving parts. Rather, it treats metal by creating a metal-conditioning system that repels metal friction to provide a slippery surface for moving parts.

WAXCO EXTRA PERFORMANCE LUBE is readily available in 237 ml bottles for direct mixing into a 4 liter capacity engine oil. WAXCO EXTRA PERFORMANCE LUBE can be used to all car, truck, tractor, heavy or industrial equipment, etc.

Waxco Tech Power Plus is a concentrated racing formula octane booster and fuel line cleaner designed for all types of road, racing, performance and off-raod vehicles. Suitable for use in fuel injected, carbureted, throttle body and rotary engines, Waxco Tech Power Plus readily mixes with all types of petrol as well as alcohol and nitro mixtures. Waxco Tech Power Plus will suppress detonation and pre-ignition by modifying the burn rate and increasing the auto-ignition temperature of the air/fuel mixture. It eliminates 'Pinging', 'dieseling', and 'knocking' commonly associated with poor quality gasoline.Waxco Tech Power Plus will treat petrol to enhance its properties and contains special cleaning additives that will clean fuel lines and injectors to optimise combustion for a reduction of fuel consumption. It allows for a higher compression ratios and therefore increases horsepower in high-compression engines. Safe for fuel cells, liners, gaskets, o-rings, catalytic converters and oxygen sensors.

Benefits of using Waxco Tech Power Plus

Increases Octane Level, Improve horsepower and mileage, Cleans fuel systems, Eliminates engine knocking and pinging, Contains detergents that restore lost horsepower, Smoother engine performance, for 2-cycle or 4-cycle use, Street Legal, Safe for oxygen sensors and catalytic convertersimage
No Warranty Waxco Extra Performance Lube Engine Treatment (237ML) + Free Waxco Tech Power Plus Octane Booster Fuel Saver (237ML) Waxco Waxco

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Waxco Extra Performance Lube Engine Treatment (237ML) + Free Waxco Tech Power Plus Octane Booster Fuel Saver (237ML)

RM 100.00 / Per Item

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