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Dimension (Length x Width x Height)
: 50.00 x 46.00 x 26.00
: 6.00

Product Description

Safety for children in the car. Children approximately four years old to at least seven years old should use a forward-facing restraint or booster seat until they have outgrown it. An adult lap or sash seatbelt is designed for people who are a minimum height of 145 cm.

This means that child car safety begins with carefully choosing, properly fitting, and always using the right child restraint for your child’s age and size. Your child will be ready to move onto a bigger child restraint once his shoulders reach higher than the upper shoulder height marker found on child restraints.

Skysafe Premium Backless Booster Seat is designed for 3 - 12 Years old toddlers.

It come with retractable ISOFIX, which can fit to any type of car ISO connector.
The booster would fit to the seat perfectly upon installation.
Breathable cushion material and yet appropriate thickness to provide comfortable ride to your kids.
Luxury size which can cater big size or grown up kids up to 12 years old.
3C and ECE R44 Standard
Dimensions: 45 x 23 x 45cm


Why Booster Seat?
Car seat or boosters are designed to raise your child so seat belts fit properly, and both will reduce your child's risk of injury in a crash. Car Seat /  high-back boosters should be used in vehicles without headrests or with low seat backs. 
Many seats that look like high-back boosters are actually combination seats. They come with harnesses that can be used for smaller children and, later, removed for older children. Backless boosters are usually less expensive and are easier to move from one vehicle to another. Backless boosters can be used safely in vehicles with headrests and high seat backs.

Keeping your child happy and safe in the car
Driving with bored and unhappy children in the car can make it harder for you to concentrate and drive safely. 

The following tips might help:

Have a chat while you drive. Talking helps pass the time and distracts your child. 
Discuss what you’ll be doing when you arrive, or point out sights through the window. You can also sing along to your child’s favourite music CD, recite some nursery rhymes or play an audio story.
Praise your child for good car behaviour, like keeping her harness or seatbelt on, amusing herself, and leaving car locks alone. Mention your child’s good behaviour several times during the journey. For example, ‘I like driving the car when you keep your seatbelt on – that’s great behaviour’. You can also try using reward charts.
Provide plenty of safe distractions for your child, like music or audio books to listen to, and soft hand-held games or books to play with. Snacks and drinks are a good idea if your child is in a forward-facing child restraint where you can see and check on him.
Pull over to the side of the road if your child needs attention.

ISOFIX is an international standard that makes safely fitting your car seat a piece of cake. Instead of being strapped in with a seat belt, the ISOFIX connectors on the car seat lock into the ISOFIX anchor points built into the car. 
Most cars made after 2004 have the ISOFIX system built into them, although the first model to have ISOFIX connectors was in 1997. 

The system has metal bars hidden underneath the seat, which connect directly to your car's chassis. If you push the seat back a bit you should be able to see the anchor points, which are metal and usually have an ISOFIX logo next to them. 

Clicking your seat directly onto the car creates a seriously strong link with your baby's seat, so you know they'll be sturdy and secure on all your journeys.

How do i know if my car has ISOFIX?
There are a few ways to check if your car has ISOFIX points:
1) Look for ISOFIX labels between the base and back of your car's backseat
have a flick through your car's handbook
2) Check your car manufacturer's website

If you've got a question, need some help or want to chat, chat us at See you there!



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Skywalker Premium Portable Lowback Booster Seat with ISOFIX for 3- 12 Years Old

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