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Silk Batik Art Painting, 'Abstract 38', by Musa (18cm x 13cm)

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Product Description

Geometric Abstraction and Painterly Automatism are two key types of Abstract Art. Geometric Abstraction refers to a style whose dominators are geometric shapes like squares, rectangles, triangles and rounds, etc. While geometric abstraction emphasizes the conceptual, intellectual side of art, Painterly Automatism is about emotionality and spontaneity. "Painterly" refers to a seemingly unfinished technique of painting, in which the brushstroke remains clearly visible and serves as a means of expression. "Automatism" refers to the intuitive and spontaneous aspect of painting, as if the paint is applied without thinking.

Musa, our crafty up-and-coming artisan creates this Painterly Automatism Batik painting made of silk by using canting, a tool that acts like a pen which dispenses hot wax to resist dyes from penetrating unwanted areas. The method can be classified as Batik Tulis. This painting exudes warmth, happiness, and with a tinge or femininity. Colourful and vibrant, this artwork is like a fruit punch on a hot summer's day.

Each painting is personally signed by the artist.

The frame is not included and it is used for illustration purposes only.

Local Supplier Warranty 1 Month

1x Silk Batik Art Painting, 'Abstract 38', by Musa (18cm x 13cm)

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