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Water Saving Potting Soil

Serbajadi Water Saving Potting Soil is a fantastic blend of potting mixture with the addition slow release granular HUMUS fertiliser and WATER SAVER CRYSTALS which have the ability to absorb excess water and release it gradually as the plant needs it thus helping to maintain water moisture in the soil. This will definitely cut dow watering time and also the frequency the plant needs watering especially during the hot and dry seasons. Plants will definitely grow faster and heathier producing desirable results.



Maintenance - Spread Sebajadi Potting Magic liberally on the soil surface either in pots or in the ground and water down immediately.

Re-potting - Remove the plant from the old pot, trim off excess small roots and get rid of as much as possible the old soil, but avoid damaging the main root. When re-potting, always use a pot one or two size bigger. Half filled the new pot with Serbajadi Potting Magic, place the plant upright in the centre and fill it up with quality soil and water down immediately.

Fertilizer - For all green leaves, shrubs, foliage we recommend Serbajadi Growing Inducer 45, as for all flowering plants we recommend Serbajadi Morebloom 55 or Serbajadi Flowering Inducer 47 for best results.



Keep away from children and pets.

Store in cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.


Orders are usually dispatched with tracking within 2 business days. Once shipped, delivery is expected within 3-5 business days.

1 x Serbajadi Water Saving Potting Soil (5L)

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Serbajadi Water Saving Potting Soil (5L)

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