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Ready stock!!! 现货现货!!! Expired date 截止日期: 18/6/2023 Scope of application 适用范围:toilets, bathtubs, pools, urinals, squatting toilets, etc. 马桶、浴缸、水池、小便池、蹲便器等。 Effects 功效: - Quick descaling 快速除垢 - Effective sterilization 有效除菌 - Continuous deodorization 持续除味 - Safe and not pungent 安全不刺鼻 - Helps to unclog the line 有助于疏通管道 - Does not damage the glaze 不伤釉面 Features 特点: ✅ Powerful descaling 强效除垢 It can effectively remove stubborn stains and dirt inside the toilet, and effectively decompose the odor source. Effectively remove urine dirt, yellow dirt, and water scale. 可强力祛除马桶内部顽固污渍污垢,并对臭源进行有效分解。有效祛除尿垢、黄垢、水垢。 ✅ Active factor 活性因子 Active formula, strong foaming power, fast dissolution, has a significant effect on any stains, can eliminate a variety of bacteria. 活性配方,发泡力强,快速溶解,针对任何污渍都有显著功效,可消灭多种细菌,让你远离污染,乐享健康生活。 ✅ Fragrant and pleasant 清香怡人 Using essence as the added raw material, it suppresses peculiar smell, and the fragrance is not pungent. 采用香精为添加原料,抑制异味,清香不刺鼻。每天一块清新厕所,唤醒一天的好心情。 ✅ Environmental protection and safety 环保安全 Natural formula, non-toxic and harmless. No harmful substances, no secondary pollution, non-toxic preparations, care for the health of the family every day. 自然配方,无毒无害。不含有害物质,无二次污染,无毒制剂,呵护家人健康每一天。 How to use 使用方法: 1. Open the package, take out the cleaning tablet, and put it directly into the toilet or water tank. 打开包装,取出泡腾片,直接投入马桶或水箱中。 2. Let it stand for about 30 minutes. If there are stubborn stains, let it stand for 2-3 hours, and use a toilet brush for basic cleaning. 静置30分钟左右,如有顽固污渍,静置2-3个小时,用马桶刷做基本清洁。 3. Just rinse with clean water to easily get rid of stubborn stains and odors. 清水冲洗即可,轻松摆脱顽固污渍和异味。 ⚠️ Terms and Conditions of Purchase: ✅ Product will be delivered within 3-5 working days upon payment. ✅ Please take note that once order confirmed, address can’t be changed. ✅ If there are any quality issue with the delivered product, please contact us within 24 hours of product delivered. ✅ If you receive the wrong delivered item, please contact us within 24 hours of product delivered. ✅ All dimensions are measured manually, there may be an error of 0.1cm to 3cm. Why choose Aunty Mama❓ We are committed to provide: Product quality assurance and quality controlling Affordable and reasonable price Responsive to messages Follow us for more update and promotion If you like the product, please kindly give us a good review and rating in our product page If you have any question, please don't hesitate to let us know #cleaningagent #washingtablets #washingcubes #toiletbowlcleaner #cleaningtool #cleaningtablet #马桶泡腾片 #泡腾片 #马桶清洁剂 #马桶清洁 #马桶清洁片

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