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Pay Bills & Top-up Your Phone Credit with Discounts!

You can now make payments for various products and services without the need to visit an actual store or payment counter. Top-up your mobile phone credit & pay your utility bills via RakanPay starting today!

What is RakanPay?

RakanPay is an e-Load and Digital Payment Service managed by Sitehandy Solutions company, that allows you to purchase & top-up mobile prepaid credits, pay utility bills (e.g: Astro, TNB, Water, Telco, Unifi, etc), Soft-Pin, International top-up and reload your online game credits.

What will you get when signing up as RakanPay Dealer Account

With RakanPay Dealer Account, you will be able to:

  1. Buy and Sell Top-up / Utility Bill Payments.
  2. Sign up an unlimited new Basic Account.
  3. Charge your customers with any fees for Basic Account registration. You keep the fees 100%.
  4. Get the 2nd HIGHEST discount rates for any top-up and bill payments.
  5. Earn up to 1% or more for every sales or purchase that your Basic agent made.
  6. Earn up to 20% commissions for every Master & Dealer Account registrations that you refer to us.
  7. Modify discount rates for over 90 e-load products and service providers for your Basic Account customers.
  8. Initial credit ready RM50.00 in your account to purchase top-up or pay bills.
  9. Lifetime Account. No Renewal / Maintenance Fee.

What are the requirements to use RakanPay?

You will need the following items:

  1. SmartPhone (Android / iPhone) to download the Application
  2. Internet Connection to connect to the RakanPay Server
  3. Account with RakanPay

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RakanPay - Dealer Account For Top-Up & Bill Payment Services

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