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(For very sensitive skin, we recommend testing on a small patch when applying undiluted to skin or in Compress). Beware of brands containing gums and preservatives that can be harmful when inhaling or applying to skin.


Massage (M):

Dilute up to 5 drops of essential oil per 10ml carrier / base oil. Mix well.


Vaporizer / Oil Burner (V):

Fill bowl with water, add 5 drops essential oil and apply heat / candle in relevant section. (Absorbed into body 35 times faster than consumption)


Inhalation (I):

Steam Inhalation (not for asthmatics): Add 3-5 drops of essential oil to a bowl of water. Cover head with towel to create a tent over the bowl and inhale vapors through nose for 5 minutes.

Dry Inhalation (suitable for asthmatics): 1-2 drops essential oil on handkerchief or tissue, apply to nose and breathe deeply.


Bath (B):

Add 3-5 drops essential oil to tub of warm water and settle in!


Skincare / rashes / insect bites (S):

Essential Oils can be applied directly to relevant or affected area. The high viscosity of essential oil allows rapid osmosis through the skin. Can also be added to base creams or lotions for fragrance and skin/aroma benefits.


Spritzer (Z):

Add 6 drops for every 20ml water in a spray bottle. Shake well and use to deodorize or disinfect rooms, wardrobes etc. Spray on face for a quick pick me up or relevant oils on your pillow to enhance sleep.


Compress (C):

Hot Compress: 1. Pour hot water into a bowl. 2. Add 6-8 drops essential oil. 3. Place a cotton cloth on water to absorb the oil and water. 4. Squeeze out excess water. 5. Place on the area to be treated and leave for 1-2 hours.

Cold Compress: As above but use cold water and ice cubes instead

No Warranty Rahsia Herbal AsianSecrets-0300508051

1x Eseential Oil Geranium 10ml

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Rahsia Herbal BBE Essential Oil Geranium-Rose 10ml

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