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Product Description

How do you benefit from it?

It makes your life easier because:

  • Kids are safer to use it compared to a real knife. A knife has a pointy tip and is dangerous to be used by small children. The blades of apple corer slicer is, however, surrounded and protected by a plastic ring, only the fruit you put inside is cut, which reduces the risk of hurting your hands while cutting.
  • You can use it easily. Most probably you might figure out how to use this apple corer slicer without any user manual. Just push it down an apple and voila, apple turning into pieces!
  • You can save your time and energy. Cutting fruits using conventional way involves multiple cuts and does not remove the core of the fruit. Some people use apple corer to remove the core and slices the fruit later on. Apple corer slicer combines all these into only one single move, just push it down and everything is done. Fast, simple and easy, especially useful since you probably need to eat an apple everyday for a healthy lifestyle.
  • You can use it for a long time without getting rusty. The handle is made of plastic and the blades are made of stainless steel metal. Stainless steel material is more durable and protected against getting rusty through time. 

Plastic holder stainless steel apple pear fruit corer slicer /cutter /sectioner /wedger - product description

Apple corer slicer is designed as all-in-one tool that you may use every day to cut an apple. It combines the functions of a corer and a slicer to cut an apple in only one single motion. Just push it down an apple and you will see the apple slices bloom beautifully like a flower. 

There are 4 pairs or 8 pieces of thickened straight blades with a circular one in the centre. The blades are made of high quality stainless steel to avoid getting rusty through time. 


The overall appearance resembles the shape of an apple, with two handles at the sides. The handles are made of plastic. You can see apple leaves design at the upper region. 


The blades are evenly spread out so that an apple can be cut evenly in to 8 small pieces, with the core ready to be removed. 


If you need the apple to be peeled before cutting it, consider getting a manual apple peeler machine to remove the skin first. Click here: 


Plastic holder stainless steel apple pear fruit corer slicer /cutter /sectioner /wedger - product comparison


Compared to a corer, apple corer slicer is more advanced and combines both the functions of a corer and a slicer. A corer removes only the core of a fruit but a corer slicer also slices the fruit into 8 even pieces at the same time. Easy and convenient!



This apple corer slicer is designed ergonomically to be operated without difficulty. There are certain models in the market which does not have proper handles. Our apple corer slicer has handles and they are slightly lifted from the blades to leave some spaces for your hands after pressing all the way down to the bottom. This is important because apple is considered hard fruit and slightly more force is required to cut open an apple, so you need proper handles for this. 

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Plastic holder stainless steel apple pear fruit corer slicer /cutter /sectioner /wedger - many colors

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