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PATI Raw n Wild Trigona Itama Honey (Madu Kelulut) Medium

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Product Specification

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Dimension (Lenght x Width x Height)
: 0.00 x 15.00 x 41.00
: 2.80

Product Description

Packed in beautiful classic big bottom and narrow neck bottle our PATI  Tirgona Itama Honey (Madu Kelulut) is raw, wild, pure and tasty full of nutritional value. It a GLASS BOTTLE  most suitable to pack such a highly sought after product. We source or PATI Trigona Itam Honey from the best farms to ensure it is 100% original without sugar added. It simply PURE and TASTY.


The bottle is then packed in double-protected styrofoam padding to ensure it is break proof during preparation, packaging, handling and posting. They are handled by fully trained handlers and delivery personnel ensuring quality products are delivered and on timely basis.


In every bottle customers are ensured:


1.   product are raw, pure and tasty as we sourced from the best farms around;

2.   they are tested and certified by UKM-Unipeq Sdn Bhd, a food testing company located in Bangi , Selangor Malaysia, therefore customers are assured of quality without added chemicals or sugar; and

3.   PATI  is a registered trade mark with Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia for a period of ten (10) years effective May 16, 2014. The trade mark number is 2014005424. 

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