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Nasal Irrigation  

Q - What is the advantage of sinus rinsing? 

A - Some amount of mucus production from the nasal and sinus lining is normal. Allergies and infections will cause excessive mucus production. This creates nasal and sinus symptoms such as a runny and stuffy nose and post-nasal drip. When you perform a nasal rinse, you wash away excess mucus and irritants such as pollen, dust particles, pollutants and bacteria, thus reducing inflammation of the mucus membrane. Normal mucosa will fight infections and allergies better, and symptoms may be reduced.

Q - How is a Sinus Rinse performed ?

A - For a true nasal rinse (also known as wash, douche or lavage), you need a large volume of saline - at least 60mL to 120 mL (2 to 4 fl oz) - in each nasal passage, delivered with low pressure or gravity method. You need a total of 120 mL (4fl oz) to 240 mL to wash both sides of your nasal passages. When you squeeze the solution up into your nasal passage, the flow should continue upwards, go over the septum and flow down through the other nasal passage. This ensures that all allergens, irritants, excess mucus and other materials in the path of the flow are removed from the nasal passage. Until this flow cycle occurs, you will not achieve a thorough cleansing job.

Advantages of the NeilMed SINUS RINSE bottle in performing a true nasal rinse ? The SINUS RINSE easy-squeeze bottle is BPA-free and holds 240mL (8 fl oz) of saline solution.  It is designed to deliver a nasal rinse with sufficient volume and pressure to clean both nasal passages thoroughly. It allows you to control the pressure you use and reduce it if you have inflammation from illness or after sinus surgery. Published medical research shows that this is the most effective delivery system available for nasal irrigation. The bottle has printed instructions on it and also has a custom designed, rounded cap that comfortably fits different size nasal openings.

SINUS RINSE bottle with our sachets is a patented system in USA and several countries. Each SINUS RINSE sachet contains a preservative free mixture of sodium chloride and sodium bicarbonate that is pH balanced and has a purity level 99% or higher. The sachets are easy to dispense and contain enough mixture to make 240mL (8 fl oz) of saline solution. Thus, you have a large volume available to perform a true nasal rinse. The solution made wth the SINUS RINSE sachet will not burn or sting because it is pH NEUTRAL. Moreover, the ingredients in each sachet are identical, taking the guesswork out of preparing the solution out of preparing the solution and giving you the same solution each time you make it.

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