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Natural Chia Seeds (2 x400g)

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Nutritional Properties



From all sources of Omega-3 fatty acids,Chia is the natural plant source with the highest concentration of Alpha-linolenic fatty acid kwown to date (>63% of total fatty acids.) JOYMIXs Chia seed has 1000mg of Omega-3 in just 5g. 



JOYMIXs Chia   seeds contributes 41g of fiber per 100g of seed, which exceeds the 100% of the daily intake recommended for adults (25g/day). From the total fiber contributed, 35% is insoluble and 5% is soluble, which is considered as an excellent balance of dietary fiber. 



JOYMIXs Chia seed contains 21% protein. More than the protein contained in traditional cereals such as wheat (13.7%) , corn (9.4%), rice(6.5%), oatmeal (16.9%) and barley (12.5%). 

Several studies have been conducted on digestibility and biological value of the protein contained in the Chia seed. Their findings indicate that Chia seed is a good quality protein source, containing all essential amino acids. 



JOYMIXs Chia seed is a good source of vitamin B. Compared to other cereals, JOYMIXs Chia has higher niacin content than corn,soy and rice.Its thiamine and riboflavin content is similar to that in rice and corn.

JOYMIXs Chia is an excellent source of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, iron, zinc, and copper. It provides more than the 20% daily intake of these minerals recommended for adults. 



The main antioxidants found in JOYMIXs Chia seed are cholorogenic acid and caffic acid. Both compounds are primary and synergic antioxidants and contribute in significant proportion to the strong antioxidant activity of the Chia seed. 

The Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity - ORAC (free radicals) for common fruits is the approximately 1.40 (watermelon) to 95 (blueberries) umol/TE per gram. Cramerries also have a high ORAC of 92.6. For vegetables and legumes, ORAC is 1.15 (cucumber) to 149 (red kidney beans) 

JOYMIXs Chia has an ORAC of 82.8 umol/TE per gram, which is considered a strong antioxidant. 

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