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[NON-HALAL | IMPORTED FROM JAPAN] Hachi Tappuri Meat Pasta Sauce | Hachi 浓郁意大利面肉酱 285g

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Product Specification

: Groceries & Pets  >  Dried & Canned Foods  >  Condiment Dressing
: Hachi
: Not Specified
Dimension (Length x Width x Height)
: 14.00 x 2.00 x 18.00
: 0.29
Manufacturing Country
: Japan
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: No Warranty
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: Selangor

Product Description

A tasty minced meat sauce made by slowly boiling onions and minced meat using ripe tomatoes.

Ingredients: Tomato paste, onions, meat (beef, pork), pork fat, sugar, salt, wheat flour, demiglas sauce, garlic paste, beef extract, protein hydrolyzate, spices, yeast powder / seasonings (amino acids, etc.), thickeners (thickeners (amino acids, etc.)) Processed starch), processed starch, coloring agents (caramel, paprika pigment), flavors, sweeteners (Acesulfam K), acidulants, spice extracts, (some include wheat, beef, soybeans, pork, apples, gelatin)

Energy per bag ( 285g ): 233kcal Protein: 7.1g Lipid: 11.4g Carbohydrate: 25.4g Salt equivalent: 5.8g (estimated value)

How to use the microwave oven: 1. Tear open the opening of the package, pour it into a bowl, paste plastic wrap, and heat it in a microwave oven (500W for about 3 minutes); *Need to add or subtract heating time according to microwave output power.

When using hot water heating: 1. Without tearing the opening of the package, put it directly in the pot and cook together for about 5-7 minutes without covering the lid; 2. When taking out the package, hold both sides of the top of the bag, tear it along the cut, and pour it into a bowl for consumption.

Preservation method: -Avoid placing in humid or direct sunlight -Please consume as soon as possible after opening


成分:番茄酱,洋葱,肉(牛肉,猪肉),猪肉脂肪,糖,盐,小麦粉,半乳糖酱,大蒜酱,牛肉提取物,蛋白水解物,香料,酵母粉/调味料(氨基酸等), 增稠剂(增稠剂(氨基酸等)),加工淀粉),加工淀粉,着色剂(焦糖,辣椒粉颜料),调味剂,甜味剂(乙酰磺胺酸钾),酸化剂,香料提取物((包括小麦,牛肉,大豆,猪肉) ,苹果,明胶)

每袋能量(285克):233kcal 蛋白质7.1g 脂质:11.4g 碳水化合物25.4g 盐当量:5.8克 (估计的价值)

如何使用微波炉: 1.撕开包装的开口,将其倒入碗中,粘贴保鲜膜,然后在微波炉中加热(500W,约3分钟); *需要根据微波输出功率增加或减少加热时间。

使用热水加热时: 1.在不撕开包装开口的情况下,将其直接放入锅中,一起煮约5至7分钟,不要盖上盖子; 2.取出包装时,握住袋子顶部的两边,沿切口撕开,然后倒入碗中食用。

保存方法: -避免放置在潮湿或阳光直射的地方 -请打开后尽快食用

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