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Do you know that the largest human organ is our skin? Skin protects our body’s water content from over evaporation and also against harmful environmental factors.

Water is the main ingredient of every beauty formulation. It is so important because it is an essential moisture to us and provides us nutritive substances, minerals as well as trace elements.
Cell Revive Essence – Alps Living Water Technology
Alps water has been known to be the most original and purest form of “living water” that nourishes all living things. Using this technology, The Laureate introduces Cell Revive Essence that is able to restore water to its most natural and purest form.
This simple combination of “water” and “mineral” can create miraculous facial results that you can feel just in 10 minutes!

    ? Trim Down Wrinkles
    ? Lighten Blemishes and Acne Marks
    ? Remove Dark Circles and Puffiness (Eyes)
    ? Skin Hydration and Translucent Fairness
    ? Helps with Confidence, Good News for the Ladies! (Firms Breasts)

Suitable for:
    - All Age Groups
    - All Genders
    - All Races
    - All Religions
    - Vegetarian & Vegans
    - Environmental & Earth Friendly

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[NEW PRODUCT] Anti-Aging Cell Revive Essence (CRE)

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