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: MyRasa Kuih Kapit Gulung Mentega Kacang (360g)
: 15066893-EA
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: 8.00 x 15.00 x 15.00
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Mark the festivities than with some sweet homely dishes from MyRasa cookies. Emphasize the spirit of Hari Raya by trying them out with your children and family members to create some unforgettable memories. Discover the various influences and feast on some classic dishes which are meant to celebrate the occasion. Unbelievably crispy and taste extraordinarily nice. Offering indulgent tastes and textures. Enjoy and indulge yourself. You are definitely going to love it! Ingredients: Coconut milk, wheat flour, brown sugar, salt , vegetable oils, soya lecithin, peanut butter and egg About Kuih Kapit: Kuih kapit literally means clamp cookie in Malay. In Malaysia this cookie is baked in a special waffle iron that is held over a charcoal fire. Timing is crucial. A kuih kapit that is baked too short stays soft, but a few moments too long on the fire and the cookie burns to a crisp. The origin of this cookie probably lies in the Netherlands. There is a similar traditional Dutch recipe for wafeltjes made with plain flour, sugar, butter. Dutch merchants brought the waffle iron and the recipe with them to Malaysia on their ships. Because butter was hard to get hold of in the tropics, it was replaced by coconut milk. This cookie is also eaten in the countries around Malysia and a rolled up version is a popular New Year cookie in China. Kuih kapit is also known as the love letter cookie. And it does resemble a carefully folded piece of paper. But don’t try to open this delicate wafer to try and find secret love messages: the crispy cookie will break into pieces immediately. I love the creamy coconut taste of this crispy thin cookie and can eat a lot of them, even without the promise of hidden romantic messages.

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MyRasa Kuih Kapit Gulung Mentega Kacang (360g)

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