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Motorized Folding Treadmill Running Machine Mini Treadmill Slimming Gym Running Burn Folding Treadmills Red

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Product Specification

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: 135.00 x 68.00 x 28.00
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Product Description

The Motorized Folding Treadmill Running Machine is durable, reliable, and loaded with valuable features, helping you walk, jog, or run with confidence in the comfort of your own home. The treadmill's pleasing design includes safe and convenient handlebar controls, which let you control your speed without ever removing your hands from the handlebars. As a result, you can run or walk without fear of losing your concentration or balance while adjusting your pace.

Motorized Folding Treadmill Running Machine is an effective way to burn extra calories and achieve a healthy lifestyle. Walking, jogging, or running on it is one of the easiest and most effective ways to achieve a regime of regular exercise. Unlike outdoor walking, , jogging, or running, Motorized Folding Treadmill Running Machine has the benefits of shock absorption and the convenience of exercising in your own home in front of a TV or listening to your favorite music. Fitness walking can lose body fat, tone muscles and is a great way to stay in shape. Studies show that a 2 mile walk everyday achieves the same results as an intense exercise of any technique. The Treadmill speed adjustments allow the user to walk at almost any pace up to a very rigorous fitness walk. So enjoy the Motorised Treadmill and walk your way to fitness!



  • 100%Brand new and high quality
  • Motorized treadmill
  • Foldable
  • Home treadmill can save the extra time spent on outdoor sports
  • Different programs help you achieve your fitness goals
  • Quick speed buttons for a convenient speed selection
  • Excellent deck provides useful cushioning for ankle, back and knee joints which helping your muscles recover faster from workout.
  • Do not have to be limited by the premises, do not have to weather, as long as the home, you can press the key to start, exercise.
  • The whole family can exercise, and with the movement, to maintain a pleasant mood, to create a harmonious home atmosphere also help.
  • Adhere to running, can enhance heart and lung function, speed up the blood circulation speed, to reduce the disease, enhance the body to help.
  • Can be the most effective consumption of the body calories, weight loss to promote the role, if you want to keep a good body, and more exercise on the treadmill.
  • For women, body sculpting body is very important, and body sculpting body can use treadmills, because in the running, the people's muscles will become more compact, if with the diet, can achieve very good results.
  • To reduce stress, self-cultivation, treadmill can play a supporting role, because in the course of the use of a large number of people sweat, the pressure will be alleviated.



  • Speed: 0.8-10Km/h
  • Display: Time, Speed, Distance, Calories etc.
  • Voltage: 220-250V, 50~60Hz
  • Power: 500W
  • Capacity: 110Kg
  • Size: 140cm x 62cm x 120cm?
  • Running Belt Size(LxW):100cm x 36cm
  • Colour?Black, Red?


Important Safety Instructions:

  • The product should not be used by individuals who are pregnant, with open wounds and acute diseases.
  • Invalid and comatose individuals as those with physical disabilities should only use the product with the assistance of healthcare professionals.
  • Stop use immediately if you feel unwell anytime during a using.
  • it is recommended to wear sport shoes when using this machine. The max load of this product is 110Kg.
  • Please gradually increase the belt speed
  • Place your feet at the side of the walking treadmill when the workout is about to end
  • Please stop to use this machine immediately when you feel dizzy during the workout
  • The elderly, toddler and people with certain illness are not recommended to use the walking treadmill
  • It is not necessary to use the emergency key when the machine is working well.
  • Use the handrails while walking on the moving belt.
  • Be aware of your fingers, hair and fabrics when you are walking on the moving belt.
  • Place this machine on a flat surface
  • Store in a cool, dry place.
  • If you have history of certain diseases, consult your doctor before using this walking treadmill.
  • This walking treadmill can only support the weight of one person.
  • Avoid water for the machine.
  • Do not use it as a coat hanger.
  • Keep it away from the exposure to the sun and heat
  • Do not dismantle the machine
  • Do not share the socket with other electrical appliances


Operation of walking treadmill:

  • Start: Press this key to begin a workout, and you can manually adjust the speed as you exercise.
  • Stop: Press this key to stop all the programs when it working
  • Speed: For the speed control are used to adjust the speed of the running belt
  • Mode: this key is used to select an auto programs (P1-P2-P3). Another function by these key toggles between showing (time, speed, distance, calorie etc.)
  • Display screen: this screen will simultaneously display the following workout information:
  • Speed-The speed you are traveling in kilometres per hour
  • Time-the workout time elapsed or the time remaining­
  • Distance-total distance travelled in kilometres since beginning of the workout
  • Calorie-estimated calories burned since the beginning
  • Pulse-you measured heart rate using the contact heart rate sensors located on the handgrip
  • Safety key position: It should be used at all times. Pulling this safety safety tether cord will stop tread-belt movement


Assembly Instructions:

  • Remove all the main from the carton and stand the frame.
  • Release the fixed bolt, lay down the running board. Then fixed another bolt and the console.
  • All step have been completed.



  • Lift the treadmill running deck upright until the fixed bolt can go through a small hole on the side of the running board.


Transportation Instructions:

  • The treadmill is equipped with two transport wheels that are engaged when the treadmill is folded. After folding simply roll the treadmill away.


Getting Started:

  • Power the walking treadmill on by plugging it into an appropriate wall outlet, then turn on the power switch located at the front of the walking treadmill below the motor hood. Ensure that the safety key is installed, as the walking treadmill will not operate without it.



  • Due to different producing batches, product details might be a little different. If you minding the difference, please buy it carefully
  • Please allow 1-3cm difference due to manual measurement.
  • Due to the different display and different light, the picture may not reflect the actual colour of the item. Thanks for your understanding.



  • The belt & deck come pre-lubricated and subsequent lubsequent lubrication should be performed every 50 hours or if you notice that the deck is dry


Package Includes:

  • 1 x Parts package
  • 1 x Treadmill
  • 1 x User's Manual
  • 1 x Power line?


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