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Minami Night Diet Slimming Pills 80 Capsules

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: 1 Minami Night Diet Slimming Pills 80 Capsules
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Product Description

_x000D_ glycine 100 mg
_x000D_ Candle bush 100 mg
_x000D_ GABA-containing lactic acid bacteria fermented extract 50 mg
_x000D_ As L-ornithine 50 mg
_x000D_ Red-faced Red Powder Extract Powder 50 mg
_x000D_ Salmon Shirako extract 50 mg
_x000D_ Tomato powder 50 mg
_x000D_ L-lysine hydrochloride 100 mg
_x000D_ L-Arginine 100 mg
_x000D_ L-theanine 5 mg
_x000D_ glycine
_x000D_ It is the amino acid having the simplest form among the amino acids constituting proteins. 
_x000D_ In foods, besides scallops and shrimps, it is contained in what is called animal protein of meat called collagen. Called "Resting Amino Acid", it brings out the power to make you rest well in the original body you have and brings you everyday you made it exciting. It is also a ingredient recommended for beauty.
_x000D_ Candle bush
_x000D_ It is a plant of the leguminous family native to Southeast Asia and has been popular as health preserving food. It is rich in dietary fiber, it is said to contain 6 times the burdock, 12 times for cabbage, 20 times for sweet potato, it will work gentle to the body. It also contains vitamins, minerals and polyphenols, and has been used for ladies and beauty diet among the ladies of Indonesian royal family for about 1300 years ago.
_x000D_ Gaba
_x000D_ It is a type of amino acid widely distributed in the natural world such as animals and plants, and when it is irritated, it supports healing work such as relaxing rest as "Ho". 
_x000D_ It is contained in many fermented foods such as vegetables and fruits, pickles, kimchi, etc. It is expected to have various actions and attracts attention.
_x000D_ Ornithine
_x000D_ It is a kind of amino acid and can be ingested from food, but its content is not too much. 
_x000D_ The lotion contains a relatively large amount. However, it is difficult to cover everything from meals, so it is recommended to take it with supplements.
_x000D_ Red moss
_x000D_ It is a deciduous trees which is a tree height of about 5 to 10 meters of the Euphorbiaceae that grows naturally in Yamano in Honshu, Shikoku, Kyushu and Southeast Asia. Including Bergenin · Rutin · Tannin, it will support every day smoothly from inside.
_x000D_ Salmon Shirako
_x000D_ It contains DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) which is a component related to genetics in animal and plant cells, and the nucleic acid contained in DNA exists in all human cells and becomes basic substance. Aging measures · Beauty measures, It is recommended for those who want to clean the body from the inside.
_x000D_ Tomato powder
_x000D_ The secret power of lycopene contained in tomato is drawing attention. 
_x000D_ Lycopene is not only a diet, it is a component of attention to health and beauty.
_x000D_ lysine
_x000D_ It is an essential amino acid, it is a nutrient necessary for assembling proteins constituting the human body, and is the most deficient amino acid. It is low content in vegetable protein, and it is contained in animal protein such as meat abundantly. 
_x000D_ It is an amino acid that helps aerobic exercise.
_x000D_ Arginine
_x000D_ Although it is made in the body, it will become impossible to make a sufficient amount with age. 
_x000D_ It is said that ingesting arginine adequately is very positive in terms of health, and it is also recommended for beauty care.
_x000D_ Theanine
_x000D_ It is said to be a component related to the umami and sweetness of tea, it is said that there is work that relaxes the tension of the mind and has a relaxing work such as rest. 
_x000D_ That's why I feel calm when I drink tea.
_x000D_ 1 day 4 tablets

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