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Meishoku Placenta Whitening Eye Cream 30g

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: Meishoku Placenta Whitening Eye Cream 30g
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Product Description

About the product

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  • A medicated eye cream that combines whitening and aging care with placenta special compound
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  • Medicated whitening ingredient placenta penetrates deep into the skin
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  • Suppresses the formation of melanin and leads to skin with full of transparency with no spots or dullnessMeishoku Cosmetics PlaceWhiter Medical Whitening Eye Cream 30g
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    Made In Japan

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    _x000D_ Medical whitening eye cream combined with specially concentrated placenta
    _x000D_ PlaceWhiter Medical Whitening Eye Cream covers wrinkles caused by dryness
    _x000D_ and tightens the skin around the eyes. In addition, it also prevents spots
    _x000D_ and dullness around the eyes and leads to transparent skin.
    _x000D_ Luxuriously combined with home-grown placenta
    _x000D_ Women become worried about spots, dullness and lack of suppleness with age.
    _x000D_ PlaceWhiter is a high-functional skin care series that solves such worries.
    _x000D_ The more you use it, the more it will lead to beautiful and clearer skin.
    _x000D_ What is medical whitening component, placenta?
    _x000D_ Placenta is a component with rich nutrients that lead to beautiful skin
    _x000D_ and is attracting attention also in pharmaceutical drugs and health foods.
    _x000D_ In addition to its whitening effect, it is expected to demonstrate
    _x000D_ high beauty effects such as anti-aging action that activates cells and
    _x000D_ gives skin suppleness and shine.

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    _x000D_ How To Use
    _x000D_ After fixing the skin with lotion and cream, take proper amount
    _x000D_ on your finger and put it on your skin around eyes
    _x000D_ You can use this in the morning and night.  
    _x000D_ Active Ingredient
    _x000D_ Placenta Extract , Tocopherol Acetate

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