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Master Mind Code Breaking

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: IDG000814
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Product Description

Product description

Remember the classic Master Mind game from the Seventies? 
It is also called "Bulls and Cows".
You might know this game from your childhood as it is a digital version of the classic Mastermind board game.
Now it's available for FREE for your phone and tablet.

The goal is to guess the hidden color combinations. 
Your opponent (the computer / phone) creates a combination of up to four colors and hides it at the top of the game board. 
Your task is to try out different color combinations until you match the hidden code.

Test your code-cracking prowess with Mastermind, the challenging game of logic and deduction. The Codemaker sets a secret code, and the Codebreaker tries to match the code using logic, deduction, and maybe even a little bit of luck. After each move, the Codemaker gives clues to the Codebreaker. Make the code even more devious by using multiple pegs of the same color or by leaving one or more peg holes empty. With so many possible code combinations, every game is guaranteed to be a brainteaser!

After each try, you get a hint to see how many colors you have correct:
-Black key: There is a color that is in the combination and at the right place.
-White key: There is a color that is in the combination but not at the right place.

The Codebreaker places pegs in a pattern, trying to match the Codemaker's pattern to break the code. You'll need to use deductive reasoning, logic, and a little bit of luck to crack the code!

The challenge is to pick the correct color code as quickly as possible — in other words, 
to see how fast you can guess the hidden color combination. 

Its a very addictive puzzle game.

How to play:
1. try to create a secret code so cunning that it will keep your opponent guessing forever!

2. Break the code in as few guesses as possible-you have eight chances to get it right!

3.You've got two colours in the correct position. but which two?

4.Well done --you've cracked the code this time!
code briaking unit with storege lid,
60 code pegs in 6 colors.
15 red indicator peges,15 white indicator pegs and instructions.

Package:OPP bag






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